“In 2014, Victorien, Charles and I launched a crazy bet. That of creating a responsible clothing brand in the second most polluting sector of the industry: fashion. 9 years later, here we are. Balzac Paris has become a pioneering company in sustainable fashion.

Our TPR (Always More Responsible) approach is the conviction that it is always possible to do more and better lead our teams, our partners and our customers on a daily basis. Our purpose: To write together a world where the desirable is sustainable and the sustainable is desirable.
To stay on this course, we rely on three main areas of work: Ethics , Transmission and Respect for the Environment .”

Chrysoline De Gastines,


An Ever More Responsible Will (T.P.R)

Created in 2014, Balzac Paris is a family adventure, resolutely committed, driven by the desire to be Always More Responsible (TPR) while maintaining the humble conviction that it is always possible to do more and improve. To stay the course, we rely on three main pillars: Ethics, Transmission and Respect for the environment.

  • La Grande F(amis)lle Balzac Paris

    Balzac Paris is first and foremost a story of family and friendship, from which a trio of entrepreneurs was born: Chrysoline, Charles and Victorien. This F(amis)lial spirit will become a pillar of our DNA and will allow us to develop a strong and unique bond with our suppliers, our partners and of course, our customers. After having conquered the hearts of hundreds of thousands of customers online and having brought together a community of more than a million people on social networks for seven years, a major step allowed us in September 2022 to get closer and expand ever more our big F(friend)lle: the opening of our first Address in the heart of Paris, at 82 rue d'Hauteville.

  • “The Balzac Paris adventure begins with a story of friendship that transformed into a family story. Charles and Victorien have always been friends... When we married Victorien, Charles met his wife, Capucine: my sister. People are therefore at the heart of our concerns: we make you, our customers, actresses of the brand, we pay very particular attention to manufacturing and the quality of our exchanges. By forging almost family ties with the teams, with all our contacts, we participate in and wish to offer another idea of ​​fashion and its consumption. Joining the great F(Amis)lle Balzac Paris means living a complete experience which takes you - us - beyond appearances and where everyone will find their own style, a state of mind. The Balzac Paris state of mind! »

The mission committee guarantees the implementation of actions in accordance with the company's mission. It has a dual role: to test and enrich the company's journey towards its mission. It generally meets between two and four times a year to: evaluate the effectiveness of past actions in relation to social and environmental objectives question the relevance of the actions and strategies chosen to best meet its mission.

A reason for being that sets the course

Since April 2022, Balzac Paris has officially been a mission-driven company. This status is the result of collective work carried out within the company: a year ago, the entire team met to discuss our major social and environmental issues.
A reflection and collaborative work which made it possible to define our purpose: “Together write a world where the desirable is sustainable and the sustainable desirable” and to define our objectives, now included in our statutes:

- Affirm our status as an ethical brand by valuing people throughout its ecosystem.
- Together, with our partners, suppliers, customers and employees, design a quality wardrobe that we enjoy wearing and passing on.

- Surround yourself with committed stakeholders and minimize our environmental impact through virtuous and innovative actions.

Being TPR (Always More Responsible) has been part of Balzac Paris' DNA since its creation in 2014.
After 9 years of moving the boundaries of the fashion industry, becoming a Mission Company today is a new step that reaffirms our commitment to challenge ourselves on a daily basis and always go further in our approach.

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Mission-driven company, what does that change?

Born from the Pacte law (2019), the status of mission company can be obtained by a company which, in parallel with the search for profit, wishes to work for the common good by putting the resolution of social and social challenges at the heart of its model. environmental.


The members of our mission committee:

- Laure Betsch – Co-founder of Fairly Made

- Eric Boël – Manager of Tissages de Charlieu

- Isabelle GUYADER – Sustainable Development Director at Décathlon

- Elisa Cherrier – Quality Manager at Balzac Paris

- Laura Monerris – Loyal Balzac Paris customer

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Permanent guests Balzac Paris:

- Chrysoline de Gastines, Charles Fourmaux, Victorien de Gastines - The founders Balzac Paris -

Marie-Emmanuelle Demoures - Product and CSR Director

- Constance Quitté - CSR Manager

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