How to properly care for leather?

The basics of maintenance

To be able to maintain your shoes or bags properly, the first step is to know what leather your piece is made of. Is it smooth leather like our big Caesar, embossed leather like the Noah bag , the metallic leather of our Aloïs babies or the suede leather of our big Caesar Camel.

Each leather has different characteristics and requires special care in order to reduce the markers of time. Discover the different types of leather that we use at Balzac Paris and our tips for maintaining them.

The smooth leather

Smooth leather is leather in which the grain (pattern) is found on the upper surface. It can therefore have a grained or smooth appearance depending on the fineness of the grain, which gives it a very pleasant feel. It doesn't have a protective top layer, so it's more likely to get marked over time and worn. By taking regular care of it, it acquires a patina and becomes more beautiful over time. To take care of it, you must first brush it to remove dust. You must then use a cleansing milk and then apply a cream to nourish it. Finally, it is essential to use a waterproofing agent to protect it from humidity or stains. The same care routine is to be applied to metallic leather accessories as to our Albane sandals.

Smooth leather can also be coated with a patent or wrinkled varnish finish which, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, protects it from external aggressions. This is the case with our crumpled yellow Poesie bag or our black Romy babies. These parts require less maintenance and our lotion is enough to clean them if necessary.

Embossed leather

It is a leather particularly used for leather goods. It is recognizable by its relief patterns, which are produced on the surface using a hot pressing technique. This leather has the same properties as smooth leather and can also be coated with a patent finish. In order for it to retain all its quality, it is advisable to apply a care routine (brush, cleansing milk, nourishing shoe polish, waterproofing agent) approximately every 4 weeks if worn regularly. On our embossed pieces such as César cognac or Noah, we recommend the use of colorless wax so as not to damage the color of your bag.

suede leather

Suede leather is a generic term for nubuck leather and suede leather. (Nubuck is a leather whose grain side (external surface of the skin) has been finely sanded, while velvet is a leather whose flesh side (inner surface of the skin) has been used as is, sanded or even scraped .)

Commonly used for shoes or leather goods, suede leather is acclaimed for its unique appearance and its so-called “peach skin” feel. This leather, which is delicate during use, can reveal disgorgement or traces during repeated rubbing on lighter pieces.

It is necessary to give it special care so that your favorite piece accompanies you as long as possible and that it is still in perfect condition if you want to give it a second life . The routine to adopt is a little different than before; first of all dusting is to be done with a crepe brush then a special suede leather shampoo is essential to remove stains (Balzac Paris cleansing milk cannot be used). The waterproofing step must be repeated more frequently than for other leathers. Finally, you can use a soft brush to give it a nice velvety finish.

Pony leather

One of our favorite leathers at Balzac Paris, because it is used in particular to print animal motifs. It is a leather to the touch and to the rather singular aspect because it is “not waxed“. It is naturally waterproof because it is very close to the skin of the animal in its raw state. Whether it is to maintain your bag handle or even your leopard Maximilian sneakers , all you have to do is gently brush your piece in the direction of the hair. You can also use a waterproofer if you wish, by depositing a small amount of product. It is best not to try to remove a stain from pony leather yourself, but rather to entrust it to a professional or to our Kiosk, who will be able to pamper your bag as it should be.

The new Balzac Paris cleaning range

The sustainability of our products is at the heart of our thoughts at Balzac Paris. It was therefore important to us to design a tailor-made care routine to best protect your new pair of Balzac Paris sneakers or your favorite César bag .

All our cleaning products are made in France and available online and at the Address. The wooden and horsehair brush is used to dust the leather. The 100% cotton chamois, made in France, is used to apply milk and shoe polish. Milk can clean different types of stains and make the material shine. We offer two types of shoe polish, a colorless one which revives the color of leather and a black shoe polish suitable for black leather only. Finally, the waterproofing agent protects against dirt as well as water or grease stains. This routine should be repeated several times a year and the waterproofing agent can be used on its own more regularly.