Meeting with Carole Tolila, journalist.

Balzac Paris went to meet Carole Tolila , journalist , presenter and TV columnist . Her journey, her projects, the women who inspire her and her favorite Balzac Paris pieces: discover her interview in our Journal.


Meeting with Carole Tolila, journalist

Balzac Paris went to meet Carole Tolila , journalist , presenter and TV columnist . Her journey, her projects, the women who inspire her and her favorite Balzac Paris pieces: discover her interview in our Journal.


Hello Carol! For those who don't know you, who are you?


My name is Carole Tolila, I am a journalist , presenter and TV columnist . I work for " Silence it grows " on France 5, and for "Télématin" on France 2, for the "Family Education" section. I also have an Instagram account next to it, on which I broadcast a live show called “ Pajama Therapy ”! But I am also, and above all, the mother of Edgar and Thelma. 

Can you tell us more about your show "Pajama Therapy"?


T he " Pajama Therapy " is an Instagram live that takes place every Thursday evening on my account. If I have to sum up the concept in one sentence, it's a bit like “ Tell me who you are and where you live ”! I organize a live with three girls who don't necessarily know each other, and who show their interior . We talk about decoration, works, but also about their life and their personality! For the record, the concept was born during the first confinement. With this situation, I had only one desire: to rediscover the lightness of the pajama party of my 15 years ! I love the atmosphere between girlfriends, where we can talk about everything and nothing. People really liked this confidential side, the impression of being part of a group of friends virtually, especially with the notion of meeting, "we meet every Thursday evening"... 

Are there any women who have particularly marked you in your career?


Yes of course. Personally, I did this job without having anyone around me who works on TV. I arrived from Nice in the capital and I didn't know anyone ! At the very beginning, I had a good fairy called Karine Leyzin , who trusted me. She was the first to give me responsibilities. Thinking about it, many women have helped me on my journey, but they were more like women in the shadows . For example, Patricia Rimond from Les Anges, who was my director at “Maternelles” and who often said to me “Yes, it's very good what you're doing! ". In this job, you're on the air in front of people and you really have to have self-confidence. But you never trust yourself at first! You pretend a little, and some people notice it and come to help you reveal yourself, go further and believe in yourself. Recently, two more women (Ophélie Radureau and Elodie Bourgouin) gave me a huge chance to present Télématin this summer. I am extremely grateful to them!

If you could live 24 hours in the skin of another woman, who would you choose?


I hesitate between two. I have a fascination for Christine Lagarde, I know it's a bit strange! Admittedly, we have the image of a right-wing woman, but I have the image of a very touching woman. I met her once for an interview on a TV set, and she had come with her mother who was very old. As soon as she left the set, she went to see her mother taking her hand to be sure that everything was fine, it was so cute. I said to myself: but this woman is incredible! She is a woman who has big political and economic responsibilities, and at the same time she takes the time to take care of her mother. For me it was a bit of a super heroine to manage to reconcile the two with so much ease! Otherwise, I also love the work of journalist Florence Aubenas. Besides, I don't know if I would like to spend 24 hours in his life, but on the other hand I would like to spend 24 hours asking him questions!

Are there any women in the media that you find particularly inspiring?


In the world of journalism and the media, there are plenty of women who inspire me! For example, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, because she's a woman who loves TV, who knows TV. She really has something, she is passionate . There are also political interviewers who are sources of inspiration for me, I am always amazed by their tenacity! I really like Caroline Roux and Léa Salamé, they are very strong. And the one who makes me laugh is Agathe Lecaron!

And then of course, my friends from TV : Caroline Ithurbide, Louise Ekland, Elise Chassaing... Because on TV, it's quite difficult to have girlfriends, there isn't much room for antenna so there is bound to be some competition . I was really lucky to find best friends on TV. To tell you the truth, we even sometimes found ourselves in competition for positions, but we always put the interest of friendship before the professional interest! 

Do you have a message for young women who, like you, would like to become a TV journalist?


It's a dream job, but being a TV journalist is a difficult job ! You must know it. It's not always a very stable job, you're intermittent, you often work freelance. Also, you work a lot of hours and you are often on the move. So many girls stop when they have children! The thing I would say is rather to start young , maybe after doing something else if it doesn't correspond to the rhythm of life you want to lead. There is a lot of work, the road is long, and talent is not always enough. You have to be gifted, but you always need a little alignment of planets . In short, to succeed, you have to be talented, hardworking... and a little lucky ! 

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