1 - What is your best memory of Mama?

I am incredibly lucky to have been able to give birth to my two little girls, Garance and Colombe, who made me become a mother. It's a completely insane adventure that I've always dreamed of living! "The first day of the rest of my life as a mom" began on October 30, 2014, it was both very natural and a turmoil that I promised myself to experience intensely.

2 - Being a Mama is...

Maternity is a mixture of exact sciences. The body works miracles, being pregnant naturally is both the most obvious thing but also the most complex. It's a perfect alignment of the planets that amazes me. It is also a nice dose of patience, with respect to oneself but also to this little being, all of which causes unprecedented fulfillment.

3 - Who are you the Mama?

I am the Mama of Garance & Colombe (say Coco). Little third in progress, see you in June!

4 - What is your Mama motto?

"No one is perfect" , in the age of positive psychology and organic, you have to put things into perspective and be comfortable with the idea that you are doing the best you can. I am the fourth in a family of 5 girls, my mother has taken care of us all her life and continues to be an Exceptional Mama! Mac Do and cartoons were not as demonized as they are today... You just have to place the cursor in the right place: enjoy!

5 - What was your best surprise from Mama?

To see my husband become a father. I love hearing them all three or during special moments with one or the other. It moves me. I'm not at the end of my surprises in my life as a mom! Life is made up of positive or negative trials that build us and bring us together. I am very close to my sisters and my parents. I'm now building my own crew, it's a joy and daily challenge for which I'm signing again tomorrow with both hands!

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