1 - What is your best memory of Mama?

Certainly, the birth of my Achille. He who turned our lives upside down and pushes me to reveal my role as a mom a little more every day. It's an incredible adventure, one of the most beautiful even. In this bubble of happiness, there is also her first "Mama", her heart exploding with love listening to her stammering. Being a mother is pure happiness, an incredibly powerful feeling that stimulates everyday life.

2 - Being a Mama is...

Discovery. Maternity is an invitation to tame yourself, to discover yourself a little more each day, to learn from each other too. In this new life, the roles change, love is at the center of everything, a real string of sweet feelings agrees with us.

3 - Who are you the Mama?

Achille, 14 months and a few teeth already.

4 - What is your Mama motto?

Do my best and listen to my son. We are not born a mother, we become one as soon as our little one arrives. On a daily basis, I align my professional and personal activities with his needs.

5 - What is your best surprise from Mama?

Undoubtedly breastfeeding and the fusion that this provides. In this encounter with new gestures, we become attached little by little to this ritual which becomes our moments, Achille and me. Preserving my family is essential, his dad also has a very important role and I am always amazed when I see my man in complicit moments with our son.


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