Are you out of inspiration for gifts? Ethical and responsible fashion brings its own nice set of gifts. Clothing remains a safe bet in terms of gifts. Whether basic or original, offering a new piece to someone is always a gift that will delight. We then present to you the best gift ideas for this end of the year in order to bring a touch of responsibility under the tree!

Why go for a responsible gift?

Ethical fashion brands are increasingly present. This responds to a need of the fashion industry which is becoming more and more polluting. We must therefore act and propose alternatives for the consumer. It is with this in mind that Balzac Paris has embarked on a responsible approach with, at the heart of its concerns, new materials and a fairer manufacturing process. Among these, Balzac Paris now offers pieces made from organic cotton, vegetable tanned leather, TENCEL, etc. Our manufacturing is mainly in Europe (Portugal) and the delivery of parts is done by truck in order to limit the carbon footprint. Our parts are certified according to the various responsible parts quality control labels (GOTS, OEKO-TEX). So many advantages that make it possible to offer parts that are fairer for the planet, in quality materials while respecting the working conditions of workers. Do not hesitate any longer and opt for a responsible piece to slip under the tree!

1- Organic cotton t-shirt

First idea to exploit for your end-of-year holiday shopping, the t-shirt made from organic cotton ! This material consumes up to 95% less water compared to traditional material during its production. In addition, its pattern being customizable, please your boyfriend, your mom or even your sister with a responsible and original gift! small customizable t-shirt

Sparkling customizable t-shirt - 55 euros

2- Large Caesar bag in vegetable tanned leather

What could be better than a handbag as a gift under the tree? A real centerpiece to perfect your look, our large Caesar bag will accompany you throughout the day, carry all your essentials and add a touch of elegance to your outfits! Most ? It is made of vegetable tanned leather , a more environmentally friendly material. The leather is treated and tanned from plants and thus limits the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process of the material. Something to be trendy while doing good for the planet! large black cesar balzac bag

Large black Caesar bag in vegetable tanned leather - 220 euros

3- Lisou Made in France earrings

In addition to bringing a chic touch to your outfit, Lisou earrings have the particularity of being made in France. A true guarantee of quality,made in France is also part of Balzac Paris' commitments aimed at guaranteeing unique know-how and a true sense of detail. A piece not to be missed which, moreover, will affirm your support for French companies and the artisanal manufacture of jewellery ! earrings made in france Lisou

Made in France Lisou earrings - 40 euros

4- Eline boots in leather certified Silver by the LWG

A trendy and seasonal piece, the Eline women's ankle boots will satisfy the most difficult fashionistas! How can you refuse this pair made from leather from a tannery certified Silver by the LWG (Leather Working Group) thus certifying the manufacture in good conditions of the product at all levels (human, environmental, etc.) Eline golden ankle boots

Eline golden leather ankle boots LWG - 165 euros

5- Suzette sweater in organic wool

What could be better than lounging in front of the fireplace with your new Suzette sweater? A real cocooning gift, designed from organic wool as part of Balzac Paris' ever more responsible approach . Made from merino wool (the softest wool in the world), this sweater also guarantees a breeding that respects the soil and animals that have contributed to the manufacture of this product. suzette pink sweater

Suzette pink sweater in organic wool - 135 euros

Whether your Christmas leans towards a pair of boots, a wool sweater, a Caesar bag, earrings or even a personalized t-shirt, it will be done under the sign of responsibility and ethics!