It's summer and it's hot? Do you feel like going for a swim or sunbathing, but your swimsuit from last year no longer fits you? To be comfortable at the beach or at the pool, it is important to have a swimsuit that flatters your body type and in which you feel good! You don't know how to choose your new jersey and you need advice? Choosing a swimsuit according to your morphology is not always easy. Balzac Paris supports you in this choice and gives you its best advice.

black swimsuit

"A" morphology: the pyramid silhouette

You have an A body type if you have:
  • The fine bust;
  • Marked hips;
  • Narrow shoulders.
The ideal is to bring out your shoulders to "attenuate" your hips. In short, find a harmonious " shoulders and hips " effect. To do this, the preferred swimsuits will be:
  • For the top: a bandeau swimsuit. It will highlight your bust. You can also choose a padded bikini top that will draw the eye to your chest;
  • For the bottom: a high-cut bikini. It will highlight your legs, especially if it is low waisted.
The combination of these two pieces gives an effect of slender legs and highlights your chest, especially if you have a small chest . And for more effect? Dare with striped patterns or mix printed and plain pieces!

"V" morphology: the inverted pyramid silhouette

You have a V body type if you have:
  • Broad shoulders;
  • The hips narrower than the shoulders;
  • An unmarked size.
For you, the ideal swimsuit models will be the two pieces. The perfect 2-piece swimsuit will be:
  • For the top: a triangle swimsuit. It will highlight your chest and draw attention to your cleavage. Low-cut necklines visually reduce the width of the shoulders. For those who would like to give a little more volume to their breasts, use a push up !
  • For the bottom: a shorty swimsuit. It is the perfect accessory to achieve a harmonious silhouette. Its covering shape rebalances the top and bottom. Do you have small buttocks and slender legs? Opt for a playsuit!
Avoid choosing a high-cut swimsuit . It wouldn't show off your hips.

"H" morphology: the rectangular silhouette

You have an H body type if you have:
  • The unmarked size;
  • Shoulders and hips of the same width.
There are several types of women's swimsuits for this type of morphology: the 1-piece swimsuit and the 2-piece swimsuit.
  • For the one-piece swimsuit: a chic and structured swimsuit will slim the waist, while enhancing the curves. You can further soften the silhouette with a bustier shape;
  • For the two-piece swimsuit: at the top, a push-up bikini swimsuit and at the bottom, high-waisted swimsuit shorts. The push-up will give volume to your chest while the swim shorts, more covering than a classic shorty, mark the waist more strongly.

Morphology in "X": the hourglass silhouette

You have an X body type if you have:
  • The thin waist ;
  • Shoulders and hips aligned.
Your ideal swimsuit?
  • For the top: a triangle swimsuit. It can be padded to highlight your chest, triangle for a plunging neckline or bandeau for a near-perfect tan. For large breasts, opt for a fitted or underwired swimsuit;
  • For the bottom: a high-cut bikini bottom. A swimsuit will go perfectly with your figure. You can also dare the high-cut, low-waisted bikini that will lengthen your legs and highlight your flat stomach. If you want to refine your belly, choose a high-waisted swimsuit.

"O" morphology: the oval silhouette

You have an O body type if you have:
  • A generous chest;
  • A little belly;
  • Rounded shoulders.
For your figure, the perfect swimsuit is a one-piece swimsuit. It will mark your waist and refine your silhouette thanks to a modeling effect. Your curves will then be "redrawn". If you have a generous chest, you can highlight your assets with a plunging neckline swimsuit with cups . If you don't want to show off your chest, then opt for a racerback swimsuit!

Our favorite Balzac Paris one-piece swimsuits

Want to acquire a new swimsuit, but do you want an ethical and responsible swimsuit ? At Balzac Paris, we have designed a range of ethical one-piece swimsuits for all body types. For example, the BOSCO jersey in klein velvet will delight all morphos! Do you like floral print swimsuits? For all women with an X, H or O silhouette, the MELIÉ swimsuit in plum velvet will be perfect. Are you looking for a sensual swimsuit that will highlight your feminine assets? In this case, succumb to the ECLAT jersey in black lace . It will sublimate your curves and highlight your body. Bosco velvet one-piece swimsuit

Our favorite Balzac Paris 2-piece swimsuits

Do you have an A, V or X body shape? Do you prefer two-piece swimsuits to have a divine tan? Balzac Paris has designed a superb beautiful AND responsible two-piece swimsuit that will delight even the most demanding. For the top: the KOLIA bra and its superb wild flower print on a white background. OEKO-TEX certified, this jersey in stretch fabric made of recycled polyester has a bust dart offering ideal support. It has adjustable straps, gathers and a fake button placket on the front. For the bottom: the TYANA panties . These pretty little high-cut swimsuit bottoms match the KOLIA bra. It too is decorated with floral motifs on a white background. Again, the stretch fabric is made from OEKO-TEX certified recycled polyester. The panties are fully lined and have gathers on the sides. Whatever your type of buttocks and your waistline , it will sublimate them. women's-bra-shirt-kolia_printed_wildflowers All our swimsuits are made in Portugal, according to strict ethical standards. The production is artisanal, family and responsible. Experience a TPR (Always More Responsible) summer with Balzac Paris!