30, 29, 28, ... we are counting the days until summer! We can't wait to wear sandals, bikinis and beach baskets again. It is therefore without any scruple that we put away winter dresses, sweaters and woolen tights to dress in a beautiful linen chino, a silk shirt or a lace top. We marvel at the flamboyant colors, airy and refined materials and we love the summer dresses; elegant, bohemian and resolutely feminine.

A chic and bohemian summer

Refined and timeless, the long bohemian dress can be worn on any occasion. Accessorize it with pearls or pompoms to accentuate the vintage spirit; add a more sophisticated touch with a colorful scarf or a well-fitting hat and dare to wear pumps for a chic hippie style, perfect for a mild summer evening. Long and flowery, the bohemian dress adapts to all body types. This summer, we play on volumes and we love feminine shapes: we dare the ruffles on the sleeves, at the collar, at the level of the neckline or on the bottom of the dress.

For a “Return to the beach” spirit

Fluid, transparent or embroidered, the beach dress leaves the softness of the hot sand and invites itself subtly into our wardrobes. Accessorized with pretty jewelry, a pair of pumps and a refined bag; it becomes a chic and casual outfit with ease. For a slight touch of madness, we choose original and offbeat cuts. The most mischievous will opt for veils of transparency, lace or lamé.

The game of cuts, cutouts and asymmetry

This year, we dare asymmetrical dresses with fancy cutouts. We let a glimpse of a shoulder in all delicacy, we love a magnificent bare back that goes very well with a pretty golden jewel.

The print, the summer trend

Floral, polka dot or striped; the summer dress will be printed! We opt for graphic patterns, we fall for tropical hues or we choose an outfit composed of neutral and natural tones with iridescent effects for a welcome touch of light. This year, pink is in the spotlight. Powdery, pastel or flamboyant, all shades will be appreciated. Green marks the spirits with its exotic universe and will seduce you with the varied patterns it accompanies. The fashion detail that will make all the difference? These are our shoes! The hot summer air brings a wind of lightness to our wardrobe; so we have fun, we seduce and we abuse our pretty floral prints!

The classics, the safe bet

Short or long, embroidered or satin; we love a white dress that will perfectly highlight our beautiful golden skin. Fans of the little black dress will also be won over by its practical and refined side. By day, we wear it with wedge sandals and a little denim jacket for a simple and natural look, while we prefer a pretty pair of pumps as soon as night falls. Finally, summer is the ideal season to dare the mini dress with clean cuts and neutral shades for a chic and glamorous look. This year, we're falling for sparkling outfits in dazzling colors: generous patterns with subtle iridescent embroidery, little summer dresses will take pride of place among our favorite adornments.