How to ensure the durability of your sandals?

At Balzac Paris, we want to write together a world where the desirable is durable and the durable desirable. Our sandals are made by our long-standing partners and we do everything we can to ensure that you can wear them for as long as possible or that you can deposit them several years later on our second-hand platform.

The durability of our sandals also depends on the maintenance you will give them. Discover in this article all our advice to take care of it.

The soles of our new sandals are now made of leather.


These leather soles are very good quality soles which make the shoe very elegant .
They allow the foot to take shape over time, which is more comfortable and promotes a natural gait .
They are ideal for summer. The leather being breathable , it evacuates moisture well and in particular prevents perspiration.
They last longer , provided they are well maintained (especially with the installation of skates).

Things to keep in mind

A leather sole can be slightly slippery compared to a rubber sole. Leather also absorbs water, so be careful not to wear them in wet weather.

Our advice to guarantee the durability of your sandals

1. Have the skates fitted by a cobbler before the first wear

The pad makes the sole non-slip , it protects the sole from moisture and premature wear . This will increase the life of your shoes. A natural rubber pad will keep the breathable quality of the leather. If you only wear your new pair of shoes a few times, it is not mandatory to put on skates, on the other hand it is necessary to let the sole rest between each wear in order to maintain its durability.

2. Use suitable cleaning products

Whether for prevention or to give your sandals a makeover, it is important to always use suitable products.
like the Balzac Paris cleaning range .

3. Perform a complete care before fall

When fall comes, do a thorough care of your sandals and check with your cobbler
that they do not require repair

4. Store them carefully

Place a shoe tree or paper inside the sandal to help them hold their shape. Then put them back in their original pouch and/or box and keep them in a room away from humidity or strong heat sources.
Thus, they will be protected and in perfect condition for next season.

Inspiration - Care guide for sandals Balzac Paris