Neither too hot, nor too cold, nor too strong: it is very important to choose the right program for your machine to take care of your favorite pieces. For example, it is advisable to wash your Zora shirt in a delicate program at 30° !
The washing symbol is a tub that represents your washing machine. The number in the tub indicates the maximum temperature for machine washing. The lines under the bowl specify the program to use (gentle, synthetic, etc.).


The laundry whitening symbol is a triangle .
Bleaching is rather specific to sheets, and despite what one might think, bleaching techniques are not recommended on your Mattis, Adriano or Ellios jeans !


Who has never taken their favorite sweater out of the dryer in a miniature version ? Drying is a delicate step that will have a direct impact on the durability of your clothes.

On the label, the drying symbol is a square . When a circle fits in it, it indicates that you can use your dryer without risk . On the other hand, a horizontal line will indicate that you should favor drying flat , this is often the case for knits or more delicate materials. For example, we recommend drying your Caleb cardigan or Hugo cardigan flat. A vertical line invites you to prefer classic line drying.


Did you know: a very large part of the clothes must be ironed with a damp cloth ! What is this ? A damp cloth inserted between the iron and the fabric so as not to damage it . It is used in particular for wool or recycled polyamide.

The symbol for ironing is an iron. The dots represented in the iron indicate the authorized heat level : 200° for cotton or linen , 150° for wool or mohair , and 110° for recycled polyamide or EcoVero™ viscose . For example, we recommend that you iron your Kito blouse in Naïa at 110°C maximum.

Professional cleaning

Some parts cannot be cleaned in a machine or by hand : you must therefore go through a professional to take care of them. This is often the case with certain coats or jackets ! For example, we recommend having your Evasion trench coat dry cleaned.

The symbol for professional cleaning is a circle. The letters indicate the products to be used and the lines specify the authorized cleaning power .

We have summarized everything for you here so only one thing to do now: save this article, take a screenshot and even why not print it!