Balzac Paris puts ethical fashion at the center of its concerns. Committed to a responsible approach, we promote natural materials in order to preserve biodiversity through a sustainable production method. Our collections present products designed, in particular, from cotton from organic farming. But what is organic cotton really? We answer all the questions that you have probably already asked yourself on this subject, to convince you to finally switch to this textile of the future.

How is organic cotton made?

Although the cultivation of conventional cotton today represents the major part of the production of this textile, you should know that it is one of the most polluting crops in the world, resulting in an overuse of pesticides. It therefore becomes necessary to act and find various alternatives in order to remedy years of bad habits in the world of fashion. A call that Balzac Paris has heard and to which we intend to respond! Organic cotton growing is partly based on natural compost, which replaces the fertilizers and pesticides usually used. No more chemical fertilizers and genetically modified plants! We will favor here a culture consuming less water (up to half the use of water compared to conventional agriculture) and emitting less carbon dioxide. Also finished the chlorine which usually whitens the fiber, this time replaced by hydrogen peroxide, much less harmful for the planet.

Where does organic cotton come from?

Cotton is the most used material in the fashion industry. Impossible to escape it when you do your shopping online, it will always be present and remains a safe bet to offer comfortable, trendy and affordable pieces. C otton requires a humid and warm climate to flourish . The soils are enriched with chemical fertilizers, thus garnering heavy pollution of groundwater and waterways. But then, how to continue to buy clothes while limiting its environmental impact? Do not panic, the cultivation of organic cotton is developing! And this particularly in Central and West Africa , where there is a strong preference the use of natural pesticides. It is therefore not a question of completely eliminating this material which is so pleasant to wear, but rather of turning more to sustainable and certified sectors, thus offering cotton grown in conditions that respect people and the environment.

The benefits of organic cotton

In addition to limiting the harmful effects on the environment compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton improves the impact on consumer health. How ? Not only does organic cotton come from agriculture that respects the environment , but the work done on this textile also respects the skin of those who wear it . Indeed, the dyeing of organic cotton is carried out without the presence of heavy metals, thus avoiding potential allergy problems for the consumer. Renouncing the use of pesticides also makes it possible to preserve the working conditions and the health of the growers who are no longer exposed to these ultra-toxic products. Nature also benefits from it with a significant preservation of biodiversity via this production model.

Why buy organic cotton?

After years of turning a blind eye to the major impacts caused by the fashion industry on our planet , we are now entering into fair and responsible production and consumption approaches . Buying organic cotton therefore allows you to participate in this fair process, and to dress better, by reducing the risk of allergies, especially for toddlers. The purchase of cotton from organic farming is also an approach that helps protect the health of producers and their relatives, in particular because of exposure to the various chemicals used in normal operations. Finally, on an even larger scale, buying organic cotton means working for the well-being of the planet since, compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton reduces water pollution by 98% and emissions of greenhouse gases by 94%. No more reason to hesitate!

Balzac Paris ' commitment to organic cotton

At Balzac Paris, always attentive to our planet and your desires, we are committed to offering you Ever More Responsible materials while guaranteeing you a quality that has seduced you from the start. This is why, in our June collection, 67% of our cotton comes from organic farming, with a fine selection of the material from sustainable sectors and a production that is largely European. Thus, our goal is to offer you products that combine style and comfort, while encouraging an ethical and sustainable production method. So don't wait to discover our cotton products from organic farming present in our latest collection!