He's been eyeing you for weeks on our e-shop: the leather bag of your dreams! After days of hesitation, you have finally made up your mind and you have it in your hands for good. What made you cringe? His leather! Whether smooth and timeless on the Ismael bag, in suede on the green César model or textured and shiny like the Noah bag, his work with the material has not left you indifferent. It would therefore be a shame not to take care of it and to gradually lose the quality of the leather due to poor maintenance. Here are our little leather maintenance tips which will guarantee you a bag like new depending on the type of leather , even after years of use! caesar leather bag

Aged leather bag: the best friend of the less careful

It is well known, we do not treat a goat suede bag in the same way as an already aged leather model! If you are not someone very careful, then choose an accessory whose leather work already gives it a slightly weathered appearance, which will give your piece a unique character while remaining indulgent with the small scratches that time. will inflict on him. The Sienna bag is the ideal model for working girls who don't necessarily have time to pamper their new leather friend. Designed in biodegradable and vegetable-tanned leather , simple regular maintenance using a circular motion and using a soft brush or a slightly damp cloth will suffice. In addition, the vagaries of time will only reinforce its vintage look, so don't panic if the leather has been worked on year after year, everyone will continue to envy you! shagreen embossed Sienna bag

Bag in suede calfskin or suede goatskin, instructions for use!

Those who have already forgotten to waterproof their suede goatskin shoes and have damaged them forever, take care to read our advice. Suede goatskin skins are as delicate to the touch as they are to clean. However, you fell in love with our Allie banana-inspired bag (we understand you) and its delicate texture, perfect for winter. Only, the maintenance makes you doubt and it stays in your basket, begging you to buy it. Don't worry, you can validate your order thanks to our few tips for taking good care of your new companion! First step: clean the material. Before you even think about waterproofing your bag, grab a crepe brush to remove all the small residues from your bag. You can then apply a waterproofing spray about thirty centimeters from your bag – in a well-ventilated area and preferably outside – to ensure that the rain never alters its beauty! Do not hesitate to repeat the experience depending on the weather. And if, despite all these treatments, your bag loses its shine, there are very effective rubbers for suede, which should not be abused in order not to damage the material. No more reason to be chilly before buying a suede leather bag or a pair of ankle boots , you now have all the cards in hand to preserve the condition of your accessories despite the Parisian bad weather! Brick Allie bag

Patent leather bag: the safe bet!

Super trendy for a few seasons already, patent leather is available from head to toe, passing, of course, by the handbag. Both retro and ultra-modern, patent leather brings a fashionable touch to the most basic looks. And if you want one more reason to crack, know that it is a leather treatment that is very easy to maintain! On a daily basis, a simple clean cloth slightly moistened beforehand will suffice – however, remember to dry your bag completely with a microfiber cloth before storing it. And in case of a major stain, no need for shoe polish! A simple damp cloth and Marseille soap will be enough to erase these imperfections from your little jewel. And as the patent leather bag is to shine with a thousand lights, a little vegetable oil and a microfiber cloth will be enough to restore its shine on sunny days.