Each season, our dressing room is transformed to accommodate new fashionable pieces. Floral prints give way to thick knits with the arrival of autumn before rediscovering the softness of a blouse in itself or a velvet sweatshirt from the first rays of sunshine. However, in this parade of colors, materials and varied cuts, some pieces remain; timeless and elegant, they follow trends and find their place in every era. The Claudine collar has become this accessory, this fashion detail that you must always have at hand. Discreet and refined, it has stood out from ephemeral movements and has made a place for itself in our wardrobe.

The little story of Col Claudine

We rarely wonder how the trends that define the cuts of our clothes were born, yet from the children's wardrobes of the 1900s to the emblematic stars of the sixties; the Col Claudine is one of those pieces whose history deserves to be known. Col Claudine, who evokes the heroine of Colette in her semi-autobiographical novel "Claudine at School", was popularized by the cover of the book. On this edition, the author posed with a black school blouse accessorized with a white and round collar. A few years later, it was in the Anglo-Saxon countries that he became known as "Col Peter Pan" following the costume worn by Maude Adams in the successful production of "Peter and Wendy" in New- York in 1905. Long associated with children's fashion, it was thanks to Audrey Hepburn with her famous red blouse, in 1955, that the Claudine collar was democratized to accompany women's short dresses and mini-skirts in the 1960s.

Or the insolence of a classic

The Claudine collar will come back to the fore in 2012 and this time, it becomes a real chameleon accessory that lends itself perfectly to every situation: over a little classic dress for a preppy outfit, cheeky under a perfecto accompanied by leather ankle boots or simply quirky with jeans and sneakers. For a romantic look, we dare the lace Claudine collar on a close-fitting top or a slightly transparent crepe blouse. Often offered as a piece of jewelery separate from the garment, it is now removable and adaptable to sweaters and blouses with round necks. We find it plain, with prints, with sequins; it comes in many ways and blends in with both children's fashion and women's trends. The Claudine collar is the accessory that adds this wise and retro note, this little chic touch that makes us look impeccable in all circumstances. Alternately trendy, glamorous, rock, romantic; it is the fashion detail that completes our outfits.