There are often two teams: shoe fans and bag lovers. In one camp as in the other, style must be combined with quality to seduce the most sophisticated girls. So when the time comes to buy a new handbag, you have to examine your future companion from every angle. Is it able to hold everything I need? Does its color match the rest of my wardrobe? And above all, what about its quality? At Balzac, we are convinced that fashion and ethics can become inseparable. Thus, our women's handbags follow a production method that respects both the environment and the manufacturing players. A true iconic model of Balzac Paris, the Cesar ethical bag is made in Portugal in a traditional, family and responsible way and then transported by truck, thus limiting the carbon footprint. Available in a multitude of colors and leathers, it is THE basic to have in your wardrobe to be stylish and responsible! Choose ethical leather goods . women's ethical leather bag

Ethical handbag: a responsible consumption approach

Do you want to go even further in your ethical consumption approach? Balzac Paris also offers a selection of leather bags tanned with vegetable products . Go for the Olive model, whose leather treatment process limits the use of chemicals while giving it an authentic and irregular appearance, like a vintage bag or a collector's item. In its shagreen and camel versions, the Rodin bag is this time made from leather from a tannery certified Silver by the LWG (Leather Working Group), a certification which ensures that the leather has indeed been produced in sustainable and responsible conditions, and in compliance with safety standards. A bag that proves that accessorizing your looks with eco-responsible items is possible! What to stay at the forefront of fashion without feeling guilty. Responsible leather bag

Ethical handbag: vegan and biodegradable leather

For those who decide to completely banish leather from their dressing room, Balzac Paris also offers attractive models without animal products, in vegan leather. 100% vegan and perfect for a vacation away from bad Parisian weather, the Zacharia tote is made of LWG-certified embossed leather. A summery and stylish shopping bag that contains all the essentials of the holidays, from sunscreen or dark glasses to children's beach games and fashion magazines. And if you want to incorporate vegan accessories into your daily wardrobe, why not fall for one of our vintage bags for women, the Barthes bag ? This ethical handbag for women is created from biodegradable leather. With its quilted effect, this bag brings a little nostalgic touch to your daytime looks while limiting the mess that often accompanies the fashion industry. From vegetable-tanned leather to recycled textiles and 100% vegan raffia, there's something for every style. Like what, stay trendy while respecting the planet, it's not very complicated!