What is GOTS certification?

Standards and certifications guarantee product quality and are a guarantee of quality for us... and for you! Fashion and clothes are no exception. Balzac Paris introduces you to the GOTS certification, a reference standard in the sustainable manufacture of clothing.


This is an international certification or label . But still ? GOTS is the acronym for " Global Organic Textile Standard" , a label guaranteeing an ecological and socially responsible production method. It is a reliable guarantee as to the biological origin of the textile that makes up a garment. Not all clothing or textiles are eligible for the GOTS standard: only products made from at least 70% textile fibers of certified organic origin (such as cotton, wool and all non-artificial fibers are concerned). ). Fabrics containing polyester or polyamide fabrics are therefore automatically excluded.

This global standard for organic fibers is based on independent certification of the textile supply chain, so checks are carried out by independent bodies . The GOTS standard covers all stages from the manufacture of the textile to the distribution of the final garment. This certification presents demanding specifications and ensures that the production processes used are respectful of the environment . A label that provides credible evidence!


1 - An ecological and pro-environmental label

This is the primary objective of the GOTS label! In the presence of this certification, you are assured that the textile fibers of the chosen garment come from organic farming . The label also requires a responsible commitment to the use of water , waste management and energy , a sustainability plan must also be established. The required criteria are also binding in terms of wastewater treatment . GOTS certification also ensures the absence of toxic or carcinogenic substances in the production of clothing, exit heavy metals, chlorine bleaches, GMOs or aromatic solvents.

2 - A social label

GOTS certification requires a social commitment on the part of those involved in the production of textiles. Transformers and manufacturers must comply with the standards set by the International Labor Organization. However, the label only takes into account working conditions during textile processing, without taking into account the conditions of workers during cotton cultivation. The GOTS standard prohibits forced labor, child labor, discrimination, physical abuse and all forms of intimidation. The label advocates freedom of association , the right to collective consultation and safe working conditions . Regular employment and decent wages are also on the agenda.


The GOTS standard is a paid certification that concerns all brands and players in the textile sector such as producers of raw materials, textile manufacturers, distributors, importers... Obtaining the GOTS label means facilitating the marketing of organic textiles in all countries. Clothing and furnishing fabrics are also covered by the label, but leather products are excluded. There are two levels of GOTS certification .

Level 1 concerns organic textiles. These must contain more than 95% certified organic fibers and less than 5% artificial or synthetic fibers.

Level 2 concerns textiles made from a certain percentage of organic fibres. To benefit from the label, the textiles must be composed of at least 70% certified organic fibers , the textile must not contain more than 30% of non-organic fibers including a maximum of 10% of synthetic fibers.

In France, it is the Ecocert organization which is responsible for carrying out audits which will contribute to awarding or not the famous GOTS appellation.


GOTS clothing has certain advantages! In addition to displaying respect for the planet and a certain social respect , GOTS clothing is particularly resistant. You benefit from a garment that benefits from superior technical qualities and an extended lifespan!

The GOTS garment is more resistant to washing and shrinkage, friction and perspiration, it also retains its beautiful colors longer.

GOTS certification is a great way to stand out by offering a responsible textile or garment : organic fabric guarantees your health and preserves the planet, and it's also a great way to protect workers !

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