I like to think that Balzac Paris is a bit of us for many of you… A joyous recipe, key to the success of our little brand which is on the rise and whose primary concern is your satisfaction . It's when you send me your photos of you in Balzac Paris that I realize how much being a 2.0 brand, technically speaking, and community-based is a great thing.

This is how we thought of creating an Instagram of you in Balzac Paris , this one is called @vousenbalzacparis . D iscover this joyful community that you form and the many ways to appropriate our clothes.

You in Balzac Paris

Balzac Paris does not copy / stick to trends, a bit retro and in tune with the times, we want to meet your expectations and desires. AT you , the girls of today, we offer clothes that are neither too fashionable nor too classic to mix and match.

I close my eyes, breathe, and dare to hope that we will always live up to the enthusiasm you show for our brand. And that you will be happy to find yourself an ambassador for it.

The rules for appearing there? None ! Except for a bit of hashtag entitled #vousenbalzacparis allowing us to easily find your pretty faces. The icing on the pudding, being that each month one of you will be offered a surprise “ by us ”! Indeed the photo that catches our eye will be rewarded.

See you on Instagram ? #vousenbalzacparis #balzac #balzacparis

You can also follow behind the scenes of the brand here .

Beautiful day ! Chrysoline,