Naia. This sweet name rang in your ears today for the first time but certainly not the last. Full of promise, this new yarn presents itself as a more environmentally friendly alternative to polyester. So inevitably, at Balzac Paris we can't help but adopt it without delay as part of our TPR: Always More Responsible approach.

Clara, our product manager, tells you more about this innovative product that we are proud to introduce in our September collection. Clara, quickly, who are you and what is your role at Balzac Paris? “I am a ready-to-wear product manager and I have been at Balzac Paris for just over three years. I participate in the development of collections from the choice of materials to the finalization of productions » zora women's shirt in naia by balzac paris Can you tell us what Naia is and where it comes from?Naia , like Tencel , is a man-made fiber that is created from the pulp of wood, including eucalyptus and pine. These trees necessarily come from FSC-certified forests which have the specificity of being protected in the way they are maintained. The number of uprooted trees is immediately replanted for the sake of sustainability. A material that respects the environment is a key point in creating Ever More Responsible fashion .” Why is this product responsible? “There are already fibers created from FSC forests but this is not necessarily sufficient in the ecological process. What will really determine the responsible criterion for us is the use in a closed cycle of the solvents used to create this fiber. They are reused over and over again in the yarn manufacturing process to avoid wasting resources and reducing its environmental impact. The Naia is also OEKO-TEX certified and produced without controversial chemicals. » women's dress in naia balzac paris At the hit and the fall, what does it give? “This new fiber has the same properties as silk or polyester, for example. The material is fluid, often silky depending on the weave in which it is woven. In this case, as our products are for winter, we have chosen a slightly thick material but which remains very fluid and very satiny. It is often mixed with other yarns to change its appearance. We have chosen a fabric that contains a little polyester. We discovered the Naia fiber at the Première Vision show on the producers' stand in order to understand the manufacturing process and its ecological character. But this innovative fiber still has a high cost, which is why we have decided to reduce our margins on products that contain it to be able to integrate it into our collections. » In which pieces of the collection can Naia be found? “As of September 15, you will be able to find this fiber in two Always More Responsible pieces: the Coletta dress and the Zora shirt! »