“Our hearts are pounding for the resounding reception you have given to our fifth edition of our responsible collection. Like us, you think that fabric scraps have a future and you are sensitive to zero-waste! Believe us, this responsible approach at Balzac Paris is well underway and has only just begun! »

Chrysoline, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Balzac Paris


  • Fighting the mess
Twice a year, we use our fabric stocks to reinvent your favorite pieces and offer you aResponsible Collection at lower prices. This year was also marked by our first Exceptional Collection: pieces made up of the stocks of the greatest fabric makers.
  • Produce reasonable quantities
We have chosen to produce reasonable quantities so as not to consume unnecessarily. Our quantities grow with you!
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
Our collections being produced in Europe, we favor transport by truck to transport our products to France.
  • Placing people at the heart of our process
We work with factories on a human scale chosen for their know-how. Craftsmanship is also at the heart of the manufacture of our accessories .
  • Get started in vegetable tanning
To limit harmful substances, part of our leather goods is now tanned with plants.
  • Promote eco-leather
We try as much as possible to offer you ecological leathers : from the breeder to the tanner, the skin does not leave the country.
  • Promoting Made in France
Part of our jewelry is made in France.


  • The arrival of organic
Clothes made without chemical fertilizers, do you dream of it?
  • Responsible packaging
No more boxes piling up or ending up in the trash. At the start of the school year, our packaging will be made of recycled paper produced in France, degradable organic mineral ink and 100% organic cotton pouches… We won't tell you more!
  • The beginnings of recycling
We will take our very first steps in recycling at the start of the school year.

The whole team wishes you a very nice holiday and looks forward to seeing you at the start of the school year! In the meantime, don't forget to share your #vousenbalzacparis summer postcards with us on Instagram . You are the Balzac Paris ambassadors!