Maud has an extra smile! She will guide you through the seasons in the very nice Vivre Paris ! Her sensitive eye makes you travel in Paris but also in Europe. Faithful since the first hour to Balzac Paris, Maud first fell in love with our bow ties and is now a fan of our Ulysse shirts for a quick, chic and easy style! Discover his Chinese portrait. Maud Simon in Ulysses shirt A shape: a triangle, feet on the ground but head in the clouds An accessory: never without my little thin golden rings ( Delphine Pariente ) A clothing brand: Balzac, of course! But also Sessùn for their pretty prints and COS for their graphic shapes Processed with VSCO with a9 preset A MOOD: do you have a lunar calendar? One material: velvet! Whether it's a velvet dress or just a shirt collar A fashion tool: well, we're not going to lie to each other, I'm not very couture Where to stroll in Paris: the Port de l'Arsenal between Bastille and the Quai de la Rapée where you stroll wondering if you would prefer the barge with a garden on the roof or the colorful one Maud Simon in an Augustine blouse Where to have a romantic dinner in Paris: In the winter garden of the Dôme du Marais (or under the dome if it's a big night)! Where to dine with friends: Aux Niçois ! We have a big table with friends and after the meal we go down to the basement for a game of petanque An era: the Paris of Bel Ami de Maupassant, when people still put on their nice clothes to go to the movies or the theater Maud Simon in a kiss t-shirt Maud Simon in a kiss t-shirt and gaston pants Thank you Maud for taking the time to answer us! Pictures Johnny B. Good