The Mathilde Lacombe minute with our favorite interview embellished with a few questions specific to her daily life. We talk about mumpreneur tips and beauty tips. The habit does not make the monk but... It contributes! The way I dress often reflects my personality and mood. For example, on days when I put on heels, I often feel in a conquering mood. It boosts me! The clothes, just like the make-up, contribute to the image that I want to convey to others, their importance and their impact should not be underestimated! Your chic icon? Lauren Hutton for her natural elegance and perfect dressing. And in the new generation, the Swedish Elin Kling. Chic for me is innate, it can't be worked on and above all it has to be timeless. Chic does not listen to trends. Your fashion postscript? My Doc Marteens period, T-shirt above the navel and bell-bottom pants. An object ? My necklace with the initials of my 3 children. He never leaves me. A book ? The last one I just finished, Chanson Douce. A terrible story but terribly well written. A quote ? Rather, a daily mantra: Work hard and be nice to people. Mathilde Lacombe Can we have some tips from a mom / entrepreneur? Delegate! Both at work and at home, you have to know how to surround yourself well and admit that you can't do everything perfectly. If we had to keep only one beauty product in our bathroom, which would you recommend? Just one is too hard for the beauty junkie that I am! I would say a make-up remover, an all-purpose moisturizing balm and a multifunction pencil to even out the complexion and brighten the eyes. And a dry shampoo. Your latest beauty find? Dr Bronner's disinfectant spray. It smells very good of lavender and is not sticky at all. Indispensable when you take the metro every day. And finally, plans for the comet? I always have a desire for a book that runs through my head...​