She signs many of your exchanges, takes care of each of you, hides behind You in Balzac Paris and our stories, sets up lots of projects to meet you. Anouk is our customer service and communication manager, her sensitivity and his communicative smile should be read between these lines! IMG_3622 Striped Octave jacket , Bisou t-shirt , blue Voltaire jeans Who are you, what are you doing at Balzac Paris? Anouk, 25 years old, I studied and worked in different fields before deciding. Law and political science then communication in various fields (insurance, public, fashion and recycling). The blonde-communication-fashion cliché trio seems to be my final choice! ; ) I have a real product affinity but for the moment I love contact with people too much to go into other professions. I joined the small team in January 2016 to help with customer service, communication, logistics, the site, social networks... We are now a fine team on these projects: ) Parisian forever? Since the start of the 2016 school year in fact! I had a hard time leaving my calm and green suburb but I couldn't resist the call of the 9th arrondissement, Balzac Paris district; )​ IMG_3706 Navy Alix blouse , blue Voltaire jeans, earth Arsène boots What do you like best about Balzac Paris? The list is long ! The Team, its beautiful state of mind, the lunches all together, the giggles, the great discussions, the debates on how splendid these shoes or this blouse are; ) Are you in the team? The dingo of recycling, khaki and chouquettes, it's starting to pay off for all three; ) IMG_3812 Jocaste paisley blouse, blue Voltaire jeans, Castille ring, Céleste and Automne bracelets Your favorite products? The Kiss, the one and only. I had been looking for such a fall and such an outfit for a really long time. In the current collections, I couldn't resist the Virginie with navy checks (the originality of its openwork fabric and its blues), the khaki Simone (khaki is life!) and the perfection embodied by the green Serge fir. .. And just about every boot to come. They will never leave your playlists.. The Kooks since I was a teenager haha! Feist, Fakear, FKJ, Adele (has anyone ever taken Adele off their phone..?) and Little Dragon. IMG_4099 Gray Serge sweater , Ernestine shopping bag with pink flowers Your cult book and your reading of the moment? Intensive reading is fortunately not a hiring criterion at Balzac Paris or I would not write these lines! It saddens me but reading rocks me! A huge pile of books is waiting for me and I keep buying books that I want to read. My cult book I would say Oscar and the Lady Rose by Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt that I read, read and reread when I was little. Crying, crying and crying again. Right now (and forever) the boards of Alexis Dormal and Dominique Roques: Pico Bogue. I laugh so much! Any brother, sister or parent can be found there! Future trips? With the move, we put on hold the dreams of Cuba, Laos, Bolivia and Iceland among others with the lover. If I could, I would go to Montreal every weekend. I miss this city every day, even more at this time. Autumn is so magical here! Remain the weekends in Portbail and the ski in Haute-Savoie, not too unhappy therefore; ) IMG_4158 Light denim Sagan dress, Honoré white scratch sneakers Your must-sees in Paris? Le Chat Ivre (thanks for the address Maria Rosa!) and walks with your nose in the air. All the facades and the lives that take place there fascinate me! .. And in life? My lover, my loved ones, Montreal. Photography, travel, wine, maple syrup, laughter, joy, people... A last word? I can't wait for us to reveal all the upcoming projects! It's going to be awesome!!! IMG_4224 Bottle green Yvonne scarf - Maria is wearing the Edmé and Cléo bracelets Photos of the talented and adorable Morgane Bonnet Lay (IG: @morganelay )