We, Deedee , are a bit of a hobby. Thanks to her, I explained to the boys ( who are Victorien and Charles ) what a good blog was, more commonly called an influential blog. Influential Deedee? I don't know. I think so! But above all charming and funny. It follows us from the beginning, from the butterfly to the Claudine collar through the literary sweatshirt . Deedee has always had the right word to describe our cheerful brand. So I invited myself to her home to ask her a few questions and take pictures of her welcoming apartment full of good ideas. I smiled as I listened to her responses in the image of this piece of woman: frank, go-getter, curious and cultured.

deedeelbooksdeedeedetailsdeedearmchairdeedeechimneydeedeeflowersdeedeepolaroiddeepepianodeedeguitardeedeelampdeedeesalondeedeecandlesdeedeebijouxdeedee Deedee, we are curious, where does this pretty nickname come from that sticks to your skin? From my relatives, who have called me "Didi" since I was very young. Obviously and as often, English supplanted French in terms of international class, so I spelled my nickname with two "ee". Finally 4. Reader of Deedee's blog, I love your touch! How would you define this blog? THANKS ! The blog is a joyful hustle and bustle, rather feminine, with a Parisian feel. I usually say that it's a Parisian and feminine melting pot, therefore, thanks to which I share my vision of Paris, my addresses, my favorites in terms of fashion, beauty, exhibitions, restaurants. .. and sometimes even my rants. "Deedee?" "Yes it's me!" ... Tell us everything, do we recognize you in the street? Yes. It's very embarrassing, especially when the person is crying (it happened only once, fortunately). It's not for lack of hiding! In truth, most are adorable and rather benevolent. " A feminine and Parisian blog" . But also that of a fashion fanatic! So, shopaholic? Ahah, you who shared my daily life for a few months, YOU KNOW. I love fashion, yes, the game it induces. Following a trend does not interest me. On the other hand, I like having fun, composing different outfits, highlighting this or that aspect of my personality, feeling festive or, on the contrary, going very casual for days without. Obviously, all this is accompanied by a CB often overheating! The essential piece of your dressing room? A sailor. Saint James, what else! I shunned her for a few months, she was seen too much everywhere. Abandoned in a dark corner, I've been pulling it out for a few weeks thanks to an office colleague who wears it so well that it made me want to rub shoulders with it again! (to the sailor huh, not to the colleague). The holy grail in fashion? Terribly agreed, but I'll say a 2.55, navy blue, jumbo. (I leave you my address if you want?!^^) You have seen exclusively the pieces of our April collection. A word to say about this? WOW. I don't know if I have the right to pronounce the names of the pieces. So I would simply say that there is cracking in the air as these pieces are simple and at the same time elaborate, essential and ultra desirable... Can't wait! I understand that you like to read and that you are good advice. What should I read? So already, we must not read: it must remain a pleasure above all (what do you mean, I'm boring?!). I don't know what your favorite genres or styles are. For my part, somewhere in my best of, there is L'Ecume des Jours by Boris Vian (I was not able to see the film so much I like this novel, I was too afraid of being disappointed) , In the Forests of Siberia by Sylvain Tesson, great if you want to get away from it all and stay in touch with, let's say, reality, La Femme Fardée by Françoise Sagan, a gem of writing and intrigue... Nice discovery too recent, Le Bomeur, by Nathanaël Rouas: funny and quite touching. I love to eat, tell me what I must not miss? I think I'm rambling, but too bad: my favorite restaurant is at Paradis, 14 rue de Paradis. I fell in love with the place, as much for the food (the chef, Nicolas Gauduin, cut his teeth at Passard, before officiating in another of my favorite canteens, Racine 2) as for the restaurant with its ultra-slick decor without being ostentatious, intimidating or consensual. » What does this sentence by Honoré de Balzac mean to you: You must always do well what you do, even madness ? How right he is! I would even say that you always have to do well what you do, "ESPECIALLY" if it's madness. On a scale of 1 to 10 how geeky are you? Mmmmm 7? I'm addicted to the Internet, but that's not really being a geek (is it?). I am quickly distraught in front of a new technological object, for example. And I'm pretty pathetically poor at video games (in general, I move with the joystick... Shame). What makes you happy? To have taken up the piano again, to improvise aperitifs or dinners with my friends, to be in his arms, to "fall" by chance into a good book, to manage, through a misunderstanding, to sleep more than 7 hours a night, to feel spring coming, to bury my head in my cat's neck and feel it purr... That simple little thing in everyday life that you can't live without? My scooter! He restored my faith in Paris. Your leitmotif? Nothing ventured, nothing gained! (it annoys my mâââri who systematically retorts "And who is afraid is a fearful"...)


Thank you Deedee ♡ for answering our questions,