The excitement has come to a climax ! We kept you on your toes… You were patient, while showing us through your comments and other LIKES that we were heading in the right direction by developing Balzac Paris sweatshirts. Our job is to satisfy you by designing products that speak to you and that you love. Yes, but not that, we are convinced that "this crisis" which resonates on our radios, TV screens and other tablets is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Our idea is to better consume fashion! Oh no, we didn't invent anything, however we want to offer you a new experience. This one is simple, we are going to create Balzac Paris clothes in small quantities without forgetting the key words: quality and French products. These clothes will be thought for you during exceptional sales. But also sometimes by you who guide us in your comments and likes on social networks. Each item of clothing will be staged in such a way as to inspire you. Let's talk concretely, French chic is knowing how to make your sweatshirt an essential to wear in the evening but also at work, on weekends and on a trip with your Jules or your sweetheart. Prune & Grégoire have worn Balzac sweaters in several ways. Does it speak to you? Perfect, we guide you on the look that hits the mark but also on where to find the pieces that make up this look. Where to find these shorts, in which thrift store to find this checked shirt... The perfect boots! In short, we help you without taboo. Here is a preview of the photos of our shoot so you will have an overview of our sweatshirts. I'll come back to you quickly to tell you all about the meaning of these sweatshirts and the pretty story behind them. See you soon ♡ Chrysoline, Shooting sweatshirtShooting sweatshirtShooting sweatshirtShooting sweatshirt