For the start of the school year, we have chosen to please you with strong pieces, ever more desirable prints and carefully chosen details, as we love them so much. Your favorite models are reinvented and new creations are born. This collection is also an opportunity for us to go even further in our responsible approach with our sweaters made from 100% organic cotton: a way for us to contribute to a fashion that is more respectful of the environment, of people. and to guarantee you quality products. The Balzac Paris team invites you to discover the inspirations of our stylists in an exclusive interview: What influenced you for this collection? Maria (accessory stylist): We decided for the start of the school year to create a story by imagining a heroine who goes through the whole season. We therefore pushed the reflection around literature and more precisely literary circles. For this beginning of the season, this woman evolves in a city environment where she can develop as a person within a group with the same inspirations. We were also interested in sororities which correspond very well to the DNA of Balzac Paris. In the course of our research, we looked at the literary salons of the 18th century that we confronted with the salons of the 21st century while keeping the essence of the time. They served above all to exchange ideas. The quest for excellence was very present there and good manners were always in order. This very quickly brought us back to the literary spirit of Balzac Paris, to our responsible collections, and of course to our concern for doing well, our requirement for product quality, beautiful materials... For this collection, the Balzac Paris woman is a feminine, urban woman, very attached to culture and philanthropist. Her wardrobe is both feminine, dynamic but always with a masculine-feminine side that makes her unique. Little by little, we find authentic pieces in her wardrobe: old pieces that she has kept for a long time. She keeps her values ​​first and foremost. Could you tell us about the trends of the season and present the collection and the strong pieces of this fall? Cécile and Marie-Camille (ready-to-wear designers) : For this fall, velvet is the key trend of the season. We adapted it to the identity of Balzac Paris with always this masculine touch that we love so much then we softened it with colors like blush pink, flower prints... It is this devoré velvet print with flowers that is a very strong piece for us. We find it on the Meg blouse, the Rachel skirt or on our dear Paolo pants! For this print, we were inspired by the literary circles of the 18th and 19th century: we find these flowers inside old books. Always in the literary spirit so dear to Balzac Paris, we wanted to keep this spirit both romantic and vintage. We find it in our blouses with very elaborate materials: high collars, tight cuffs, balloon sleeves... The Billie blouse available in three versions, the Clarence dress and the Louisa blouse are strong pieces that represent the spirit of this collection well. Maria (accessory designer) : In terms of accessories, the Jacob bag is the flagship piece of this fall, still in this vintage spirit. We chose to decline it in black and embossed cognac. Embossing is a technique that we love to use for leather goods. Its varnish side gives it a lot of contrast and style. Its format makes it very practical, it can also be adjusted with a handle and its buckle on the front makes it easy to close. We can't wait for you to adopt it! The Denise boots, which exist in black and camel, also have a fairly strong retro side and can be worn very easily on a daily basis. New for this fall are also the 100% organic cotton sweaters. What was important to you in this process? Catherine (knit designer): This season marks the start of our 100% organic cotton collection. Since 2015, we have been offering responsible collections: we wanted to go even further for this collection by using materials without pesticides or chemicals. Our sweaters therefore benefit from the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, a global benchmark that respects very strict production rules and certifies the “organic cotton” designation. The Gill sweater and the Olivier sweater, each available in black and ecru, have this designation. The other sweaters, however, meet strict criteria: labeled materials guarantee traceability, ethics and good working conditions. Also new, our popular Joachim cardigan from last year has been redesigned in a fancy knit and in new colours. On the accessories side, new craft creations have emerged. Could you tell us more about their manufacturing process? Maria (accessory stylist): We developed a new model of necklace using natural dried flowers cast in resin: it's our Laël model , made in Italy and which benefits from a short circuit. This technique is artisanal and manual: the background color of the medal is painted, each flower is then cut out by hand and positioned in the mold then fixed with resin. This manual process gives an irregular and therefore unique character to the piece. The medal is then placed in a gold-plated setting to match its chain. In the manufacture of this jewel, we mix two techniques that are close to our hearts at Balzac Paris: craftsmanship and jewellery. Finally, what would be the ideal back-to-school outfit that would perfectly sum up the collection? Marie-Camille (ready-to-wear designer) : My ideal back-to-school outfit would be a little "working girl" look: The Meg blouse in floral velvet, the Rachel skirt in floral velvet, the black Césarée bag (worn over the shoulder for a more casual look) and Denise camel boots. Cécile (ready-to-wear designer) : For me, the ideal look for the collection would be: the Clarence burgundy dress in a studious, preppy spirit, the Archie jacket in pink velvet, which brings a masculine touch in its slightly oversized volume . As for accessories, the cognac Jacob bag which enhances the silhouette and gives a sharp touch and the black Raoul loafers for a twisted classic. To discover all our pieces in the collection, go to the lookbook .