Margaux has beautiful hair, a lovely voice, pleasant spontaneity and an easy approach. For us, in addition to participating in the game of the 15 things a woman must have, Margaux has imagined how to wear your Marius according to her style. Surprise, Marius does not come back alone on Sunday! Mariette, a new must-have basic at Balzac Paris, is appearing on the web. Pretty top with a singular style that can be declined endlessly in a dressy or casual version. See you on Sunday? Until then, I let you discover Margaux and her 15 things that make her a nice little piece of woman: Marius striped black and white Marius black and white striped vest 95 euros

15 things a woman must have according to Margaux Avril :

1- Appetite! 2- The curiosity of a young girl 3- Nail polishes in your fridge (to keep them better) 4- Lots of addresses to recommend 5- Friends like siblings 6- A good playlist updated regularly ( music , literary, cinematographic …) 7- Nice memories to tell, and photos to illustrate them 8- A heady fragrance, a refuge for those who love it (Bronze Goddess from Estée Lauder, Musk from Reminiscence, Green tea and Bigarote from L'Occitane, Vine rose from Caudalie, etc.) 9- Projects that fascinate her - most of them already underway! 10- One or more passions she could talk about for hours and the ambition that goes with it 11- Benevolence (valid for men, too…) 12- Moleskine, Smythson, Tigram paper notebooks to write down inspirations, countless to-do-lists, appointments, etc. 13- Spontaneity 14- Having read short stories by Stefan Zweig, novels by Romain Gary, seen "The Things of Life" by Sautet, Dolan, Nolan, Godard, Truffaut... 15- Envy