Marithérez or the ambition to restore the pleasure of communicating. This is the bet of Ophélie, creator of this shop in Montreuil-sur-Mer. She works there every day to give back her rightful place to handwriting, as a privileged moment to reconnect with her emotions. Who are you ? Introduce yourself/the store in a few words.
My name is Ophélie Deleplanque and I have opened the Marithérez boutique in Montreuil-sur-Mer.
Marithérez's idea is to restore pleasure in communication. When it comes to emotions, transmission, the keyboard and the screen pale in comparison to paper and pencil. Handwriting and the paper book then take on relief. A look of luxury, of a privileged moment. A gift that we make (to ourselves). Marithérez celebrates paper , the material that invites us to create links, to develop our imagination and to cultivate our intimacy. It links the emotion of the product to that of the customer experience.
Tell us the story of Marithérez? Already at 7 years old, I collected pretty stationery that we exchanged among friends in the playground. I am passionate about feathers, office storage, binders and graphic arts, and I wanted to share it. As I embarked on a new chapter in my professional life, this tireless obsession turned into a vocation. By combining this, to my taste, with “living” and “inhabited” places; I understood that my life project was to create a living space dedicated to “stationery-pleasure” and the emotions that surround it. I had my plan. I was looking for the perfect place to develop it. Rooted in the Montreuillois territory in the paternal branch of my family, I had a "click" while strolling in the fortified city. I projected myself. A few months later, happy opportunities presented themselves to me. Today the choice of this city resonates as obvious. A small town on a human scale. That one feels dynamic, attractive and festive. To settle in Montreuil is to return to the lands of the generations that preceded me, in particular those of my grandmother Marie-Thérèse. The famous. 3 words to define the Marithérez? Simplicity, pleasure and gaiety (at 3 levels: visit to the shop, purchase and use of "favorite" products). Why this name, Marithérez? A desire to personify the place to “tell a story”. I was looking for an impactful name, and one day my grandmother's first name seemed obvious to me! Why did you settle in Montreuil-sur-Mer? In what approach? It is first of all a "feeling" 4 years ago while walking. I had a total attraction for this city. Projecting my project there seemed (once again) obvious. What do you find at home and nowhere else? An unusual object? The peacock. An oak support to "plant" your colored pencils representing a peacock. Being eco-responsible, what does that mean to you? Do you subscribe to this process? Yes, as much as I can, but it takes time... First of all, I work as much as possible with suppliers and partners who work in this direction (local and ORGANIC partner in pastry / all coffee, tea and juice drinks are organic) and my product offer mostly with eco-responsible suppliers (reasoned manufacturing and distribution circuit). If you had to give us one eco-responsible piece of advice, what would it be? Your eco-responsible routine in the store? I donate my organic coffee grounds, every week, to an organic market gardener in Montreuil-sur-Mer. Montreuil in 1 word what is it? The pleasures . But also charm and promise . Photo credits: Julie Beal