On returning from vacation, we savor the last days of summer by escaping to the green corners of the city: the parks, the quays... We juggle between the recovery and the sunny parentheses: we stroll on the terrace, we let ourselves inspire and embark on the whirlwind of the city… Here are a few addresses to continue getting away from it all and enjoying the Indian summer.


Chrysoline, Co-founder

“My little back-to-school pleasure? Take advantage of the magnificent collections of theMuseum of Romantic Life and the freshness of its gardens. A real literary journey in the heart of Paris. »

Rémi, Collection Manager

“Sit facing the Medici fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens with a book. A veritable green setting punctuated by the sound of water »

Eléonore, Modeling Assistant

“After strolling through the botanical garden, I love going to sip a mint tea next to the fountain in the café of the Great Mosque of Paris. A trip to the Maghreb guaranteed for only 2€ »

Eugénie, E-commerce Assistant

“I really like going for a walk at the weekend or during the week in the Jardin du Luxembourg, sitting on a green chair or having a drink at the La Table du Luxembourg café . This place allows me to escape and extend my vacation, while being in Paris »

Claire, Influencer Marketing Assistant

“In the heart of the city, close to the famous Roland Garros stadium, the greenhouses of the Auteuil garden provide a guaranteed change of scenery for anyone who dares to venture there! There are more than six thousand plant species grouped into thematic collections. There is something for every taste ! »

Ulysses, CSR Manager

“For those who live in eastern Paris, a short bike ride in the Bois de Vincennes before drinking a few beers by the Daumesnil lake . What a pleasure ! »

Romain, Logistics Manager

“For me, the Parisian escape is above all synonymous with sharing. Nothing better than a little aperitif on the terrace of the Bistrot des Dames with friends, after getting back to work »

Wendy, Modelist

One of my favorite places to recharge my batteries in town is the Petite Ceinture in the 15th arrondissement, the equivalent of the Coulée verte. A wooded, cool, but above all exotic place that leads directly to the Quais de Javel »


Clara, Ready-to-wear Product Manager

“If I had to choose just one address, then I would go to the Pierre Baudis Japanese Garden in Toulouse! It's a very zen garden that gives me the impression of traveling. I go there often to meditate and relax. »

Alicia, Graphic Designer Assistant

Nantes at heart, I love going for a walk in the Jardin des Plantes. The grass sculptures of Claude Ponti's works remind me of the stories of my childhood »

Zoe, Digital Marketing Assistant

“The Parc de la Tête d'Or for a walk after a day's work, when the sun is still shining. To share a moment with friends around a picnic. And especially to go and say hello to the animals in the zoo who have sometimes seen us grow up. This park is, in a way, the lungs of the city, like a meeting place for city dwellers nostalgic for holidays that have passed too quickly »