It is impossible to imagine the world without women ! Free , daring, brilliant, moving women are pillars of our society. The woman is futile, entrepreneur, mother, crazy, organized, young, beautiful, original... In a hurry, in love... Long erased by our status as women, we are no less fighters to make ourselves a place in a constantly changing world. I like the idea that we can talk about trivial things like being taken seriously on heavy or even sometimes serious subjects. I love the fact that behind Eleni Antoniadou is a researcher and wildly feminine woman. Men admire her for her intelligence, which makes her our future Marie Curie, but they also look at her timidly as her femininity radiates. We are talking about women who have joined the intimate band of business leaders like Facebook and other web successes " because their presence boosts business results, that their freedoms are synonymous with the good health of a society. "

I grew up in a very feminine universe with my 4 sisters, "le papa?" He's fine thank you ☺ I have to say that the arrival of the men at home has created a happy feminine/masculine mix, the perfect recipe for a positive atmosphere. So, long live the women but long live the men too whose benevolent gaze we love which, let's be honest, makes us feel beautiful s ...

I'm not particularly feminist but this day of March 8 is an opportunity for me to offer you to be futile without complex with -10% on our literary creations and last chance from today and until Sunday, with the woman's day code. The opportunity for us to celebrate you, you who follow the Balzac Paris adventure from near or far.

Happy Women's Day to all,