Behind each collection, there are hours of reflection, search for inspiration, creation... Our imaginative stylists spared no effort to create this new collection. In this interview Catherine, Maria and Cécile reveal the underside of our Spring collection. Why “Madame Rêve” as the name of the collection? Maria: “When spring returned, we wanted to take advantage of this energy that rises when the good weather returns. When you leave room for this type of openness, a lot of things happen and it's a virtuous circle. So we wanted a spontaneous, sparkling, soft, slightly quirky, dreamlike, dancing and full of life collection. » Catherine: We thought about the state of mind we were in with our friends when the first rays of sunshine arrive after winter. We all agreed that we wanted to put his office outside in the sun” What were your main sources of inspiration? Maria: “Dancing dreams of Pina Baush, painting on ceramics, artisanal life activities. » Catherine: “We wrote names of French music on little pieces of paper to create our own exquisite corpse. With these we created a text that inspired us with spring and the state of mind in which we were. We followed the framework of the words to inspire us. » Cécile: “Nature which is gradually beginning to bloom, all these pretty soft tones, the flowers of the fields, all bathed in a spring light, sunny, but still a little cool. All this inspired us a lot to imagine our range of colors. » Music is the leitmotif of this collection, can you tell us a bit more about it? Maria & Catherine: “We wanted to mix the literary spirit of Balzac Paris, his TPR commitment and the inspiration of Chrysoline which was rhythm and tempo. We tried to explore a style, a typology and we quickly realized that it was so rich that it was important to approach the music as a whole. We therefore took ourselves for the students of André Breton and we created an exquisite corpse which evokes titles which affect several generations of people and in a transversal way. » Any music that particularly inspired you? For what ? Maria: For my part, Recto Verso de Paradis for the rhythm in slow motion which evokes the contemplative and the fact of taking the time to live. But also, the color of the water, the sunlight, the freshness and the spontaneity of the clip. On top of that, I find the text quite evocative of our TPR mission” Cécile: “Vintage French songs, from the 60s, a little kitsch and outdated where the rhythm is playful, fresh and positive, in short exactly like the spirit of our spring collection! » Your favorite piece? Maria: "It's hard to choose but I would say the orange and iridescent green floral print pieces and the new colors and handles of our iconic César" Catherine : “Rather favorite pieces! The Mila shirt because it goes with everything and I love its large lace details. The Sully cardigan because it's soft as a cloud and the Adela ring which is sublime. » Cécile: “My favorite piece would be the floral, romantic and colorful Adonis dress! I also love the Alois, which always remind me of childhood, to mix with the white Adriano jeans. » One word to describe the collection? Maria: Vibrant! Catherine : Poetic! Cecile: Flowery! And you, what are you dreaming about right now? Catherine: “For my part, I dream of being at a crowded café terrace with my friends. In the sun with a good drink in hand and feel the city full of life. » Cécile: “And I dream of lying down in a park, having a picnic with friends and sunbathing! » Maria: “There I really want to meet up with my friends, and have a weekend at the beach with some rosé! »