This month, we invite you to discover the wardrobe of the radiant Charlène, better known as The Babooshka. Through this inspiring interview, she reveals the secrets of her wardrobe as well as her daily eco-responsible advice.
3 lines to introduce yourself? My name is Charlène, I am a liberal orthoptist and employee in ophthalmology. I've had my Instagram account for almost 6 years, a passion for fashion that has driven me since childhood. I love sharing my looks every day during my lunch break but also discovering the rather fascinating universe of other girls on this network. I like to combine my job and Instagram in my daily life, it's a bit my balance. And since last October, we opened with my lover a culinary concept in our city. 3 completely different areas in which I feel good, fulfilled and which punctuate my days. I live fully, I take all the positive that surrounds me! 3 words to describe your style? My style ? Rather simple and elegant with a little “sporty” edge (thanks to my man). I love to mix very beautiful pieces with more affordable pieces. The piece of your wardrobe that you will never be able to do without? I would say a nice bag. A look without a bag is not a finished look! The 3 Balzac Paris pieces you can't live without? It's not really specific pieces but more a style that I can't live without. This romantic feminine style, very French. What I prefer are the blouses and dresses with pretty details on the collar and shoulders. Otherwise, in May I loved the white Honoré sneakers , the Natasha mustard skirt , the ecru Zannie bag and also the white Camilla shirt , the red floral Angela dress and the Corina jumpsuit ! Organized locker room or cluttered locker room? Very organized locker room, sorted by color. The color that we find every 2 hangers? And the material? White and cotton gauze! The first things you look at before buying a piece? I look above all at the cut and the material. Your advice for keeping a garment longer? Wash inside out, choose a delicate program at 20° or cold and above all, do not tumble dry! An eco-responsible everyday gesture to share with us? I only travel by bike to go to work, I do my shopping day by day to avoid waste and I also use a tote bag in a zero-waste approach. An eco-responsible address to share with us? If you have the opportunity to visit Nîmes, I recommend the restaurant Farmers, an organic and committed address that I love.
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