In July, it is Mathilde Cabanas ' wardrobe that we wanted you to discover. Mum-entrepreneur at heart, she is never short of ideas or projects, which she always leads with her touch of madness.

3 lines to introduce yourself? I am the founder of the brand that bears my name. We offer lifestyle objects that make you smile. I love dipping my bread in olive oil, long summer days and funny puns.
3 words to describe your style? Cool, "cute" and comfortable!
The piece of your wardrobe that you will never be able to do without?
High waisted jeans.
The 3 Balzac Paris pieces you can't live without?
The ecru Jana top I love knitwear. Manue camel sandals as comfortable as Birks but much more chic. The Fantine dress in ribbed jersey. It is perfect both for the beach and for everyday, you can accessorize it and give it a cool look with a bob for example or more dressed up with earrings . And the fit is super flattering! Organized locker room or cluttered locker room? I try to keep it organised, I do Marie Kondo phases, but in reality, summer and winter are always mixed up and I don't fold my panties in 4. The color that we find every 2 hangers? And the material? I like all colors and my favorite material is "ribbed" jersey in textile jargon. The first things you look at before buying a piece? The cut obviously and then the material. Your advice for keeping a garment longer? Love it, wear it, don't wash it with a red sock or put on wool at 90 degrees which happened to me recently :(
An eco-responsible everyday gesture to share with us? To recycle ! I am a big second - hand consumer. And also to avoid all single-use packaging, it's my daily challenge and it's not that easy. We have just stopped disposable sponges, coffee capsules and paper towel. But I admit, it's endless! An eco-responsible address to share with us? In Paris : The Mieux restaurant which has just opened, fresh and local products, no waste and metal straws. A team of very nice friends who love the planet and are interested in the production chain. In Nantes : Ô Bocal , to buy absolutely everything in bulk! Where are you going this summer? Western coast ! First in Cap Ferret with friends, there are plenty of things to do, the landscapes are magnificent and even in August there is plenty of room to put down your towel, the beach is so huge. Then at La Bernerie we have a family house there, it's great for the children, they are among cousins ​​and we do everything on foot. Finally on Île aux Moines , my father has a house there, fishing, cycling, picking blackberries... A change of scenery guaranteed. We haven't moved very far yet because the children are small, but my great passion is the Mediterranean, Italy, Spain and Greece!

Your uniform during the holidays? Denim shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. No make-up and this year I'm adding the bucket hat!

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