A committed entrepreneur, Justine Hutteau shares her favorite Balzac Paris pieces with us this month. She tells us about her adventure since the founding of her natural deodorant brand Respire .

3 lines to introduce yourself? Hello, I'm Justine. I am 25 years old and I am the founder of Respire, a brand of natural care and hygiene whose first product launched is a natural deodorant. I am athletic, a fan of running and very present on social networks (especially Instagram).

3 words to describe your style? Comfortable, casual and elegant.

The piece of your wardrobe that you will never be able to do without? My black jeans! Or my suit jackets.

The 3 Balzac Paris pieces you can't live without? My 2 practical and elegant shoulder bags, especially the black Olga. It goes everywhere! My Josepha black ankle boots that go with everything and are super comfortable! The Eudes sweater: it has it all. It's hot and I love the leopard pattern.

Organized locker room or cluttered locker room? Cloakroom half-cluttered, half-organized. At home, almost everything is on a hanger, jackets on one side, dresses, t-shirts and pants on the other. But sometimes it's also a bit mixed up, especially the sports stuff, which is all in a drawer. Let's just say the pieces I cherish the most are all hanging on hangers and neatly organized.

The color that we find every 2 hangers? And the material? Natural colors (black, white, beige, khaki, navy blue) and soft materials such as cotton and polyester. But always comfortable and discreet pieces.

The first things you look at before buying a piece? First if I like it , I know very quickly what I like and don't like. Then comfort and practicality : “Will I have to iron it? "Is it going to be comfortable and easy to wear on a daily basis?" »…

Your advice for keeping a garment longer? Taking care of it obviously means storing it well , taking it to the dry cleaners if I don't know how to clean it and not having it travel too much in a suitcase.

An eco-responsible everyday gesture to share with us? Have my water bottle every day and no longer buy plastic bottles. It's simple but I see the difference!

An eco-responsible address to share with us? Selency, a market place that exclusively sells second-hand furniture and decoration.


In a few words, what is the story of Respire? Respire is a brand of hygiene and natural care. We launched a natural deodorant as our first product in November 2018 via crowdfunding. I decided to launch Respire following a click I had in early 2018 when I was diagnosed with a benign tumor in my chest. I immediately became aware of what I apply to my body on a daily basis and especially of the controversial ingredients present in our hygiene products. I then wanted to launch the natural and effective deodorant in which I could trust .

3 words to describe this great adventure? Intense, Human, Transparent.

Your way of disconnecting and "breathing" on a daily basis? There are several things that allow me to “breathe” on a daily basis (beyond putting on Respire deodorant): playing sports, seeing friends, my boyfriend and/or my family.

Your favorite sport? Running and trail running.

Your next projects with and without Respire? My big project for Respire is to continue to expand the range of hygiene care, we have just launched our eco-refill for deodorant and our solid range composed of a natural solid shampoo and a natural surgras soap. And apart from Respire, I also have sports projects, including a raid in Iceland with Laury Thilleman at the end of January 2020, I can't wait, a little scared but it's the kind of challenge I love!