You don't become responsible overnight. Being responsible requires concrete actions, which over time reinforce a more global approach. This approach began in 2014 with the launch of our first Responsible Collection. The concept ? Reinvent your favorite pieces by using our leftover fabrics to offer them to you at lower prices in a zero-waste approach. A few years later and thanks to your loyal welcome, we are launching our 6th responsible collection! The perfect opportunity to take stock of our TPR (Always More Responsible) approach and to tell you more about what awaits you in 2019. Chrysoline , Artistic Director and co-founder and Marie-Emmanuelle , Head of Collection Design, answer all your questions.

What does it mean to be "responsible"?

Chrysoline: “For us, it has become vital to create and act 'responsibly', far from overconsumption. Our collections are produced in Europe on reasoned production chains. Our factories are true partners. Since 2014, we have been offering zero-waste collections using the scraps of our fabrics. And recently, lines in cotton from organic farming. This is part of a global approach, both an internal state of mind and the actions carried out for our customers who follow us in this process. »

Marie-Emmanuelle: “It's a personal conviction but also a leitmotif and above all a daily challenge. It means thinking about each step of the chain, doing things well: the choice of materials, of our manufacturers, ecologically optimizing our production processes and, finally, limiting our waste and trying as much as possible to recycle what we have not been able to avoid.

And “TPR”?

Chrysoline: “TPR (always more responsible) because we can always do better and we will always work in this direction. Marie-Emmanuelle: “You can never be perfect. However, we can always do better! Moreover, the entire textile industry is becoming aware of its shortcomings and completely crazy innovations are emerging all over the world and being “TPR” also means playing sorcerer's apprentice with them to invent the clothes of tomorrow. »

What measures have already been taken in this direction since the beginnings of Balzac Paris?

Chrysoline: “We have chosen to produce in France or in Europe in order to favor factories close to us for a limited carbon impact! Our products are transported by truck and are on reasoned production chains. This choice has been at the heart of our actions since our very beginnings! Very quickly, responsible collections became obvious in view of the fabrics stored in our factories! Fair prices are also a priority, with an exclusively online distribution, we control our margins and are proud to offer quality products at an honest price. We want to be transparent with our customers, there is no gray area in our factories or in our sourcing. And if we take the wrong direction we are able to turn back so as not to get lost. Internally, we have switched to "happy recyclers" for our waste and we are constantly thinking about how to be "Always More Responsible" in our daily actions, but also how to offer desirable and responsible fashion. »

What were the responsible issues in 2018?

Marie-Emmanuelle: “Balzac Paris has always had almost all of its clothes made in the European Union and the materials used are mostly natural. 2018 marked a stronger turning point: rethinking our materials sourcing, working on labeled products and dismantling our value chains to better question and reassemble them. »

What are the challenges for 2019?

Marie-Emmanuelle: “Be always more responsible! Further develop natural materials (organic cotton and linen for example), rethink our artificial materials (development of tencel and replacement of conventional viscose by ecological viscose), introduce recycled materials (sweaters, jeans, swimsuits ), work with biodegradable leather and build short circuits. » Chrysoline: « Focus on responsible products in accessories! Big challenge to which Marie-Emmanuelle and Maria-Rosa are tackling with conviction. The road is long but we are certain that we can move the lines. »

What are you most proud of in this TPR approach?

Marie-Emmanuelle: “To have the feeling of helping to make this industry, which we are passionate about, cleaner. » Chrysoline: « I am very proud of the Balzac Paris team which, out of personal conviction or not, wishes to bring this project to fruition and make Balzac a benchmark in the field. We are authentic in our approach and transparent. We will never be purists but we are all walking in the same direction and for a team it is very motivating! »

What advice would you give to clients to be TPR?

Marie-Emmanuelle: “Find out about the materials and the conditions of manufacture, make choices and assume them! Chrysoline: "Buying well means thinking about the product's second life!" You will never be disappointed to have put the price in a quality and responsible product. Because even if you get tired of it, it will always make a happy second-hand! To discover the lookbook of our new Responsible Collection, it's here . Do you still have questions to ask us or ideas to strengthen our TPR approach? Write to us at !