Carbon Footprint 2021

Each year, we carry out our carbon footprint with Carbo in order to implement carbon reduction actions (eco-design, refurbished computer equipment, reduction in the weight of our photos and videos on our site, etc.). To do this, we have developed a carbon strategy based on 3 axes: Measure, Reduce and Contribute .

These actions allow us today to produce 93% less greenhouse gas emissions than a company in the same sector and of the same size*.

Since February 2022, we have also been contributing to carbon neutrality by donating 10% of our Engaged Creations to the company with a mission TerraTerre in order to support the conversion to organic farming of Jean-François' farm in Villeneuve d'Ascq.

Discover in this article some key points of our 2021 Carbon Footprint and our 2022 actions.


The Carbon Assessments that we carry out are broad assessments that take into account all of our activity, and not just the operations that depend on us. We consider emissions across our entire value chain :

☁️ Scope 1 = direct greenhouse gas emissions (for example, emissions from vehicles owned by the company) .

⚡️ Scope 2 = indirect emissions related to energy (for example, emissions related to the production of electricity necessary for the proper functioning of our premises).

👖 Scope 3 = other indirect emissions (for example, the production of our raw materials, digital...).

 It is important to take into account these three scopes, scopes 1 and 2 representing only 0.4% of our emissions! Conversely, our greatest impact is in scope 3, at the level of the purchases of our raw materials, which alone represent 76% of our emissions.

Even so, our track record shows that we produce 93% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a company in the same sector and of the same size.*


Actions taken to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions :

PRODUCTION (77% of our emissions)

🇪🇺 65% of our manufacturers are located in an area where the energy mix is ​​low carbon: France / Portugal / Spain, the rest being located in the European Union or near Europe.

🇬🇧 Increase in the share of made in France.

🌿 Choice of our increasingly local raw material suppliers.

MARKETING (13% of our emissions)

☀️ Sensitization of the management of Balzac Paris through a workshop on the challenges of climate change "La Fresque du Climat" .

LOGISTICS (4% of our emissions)

📦 Balzac Paris wins the EVE 2021 trophy thanks to a 19% reduction in CO2 emissions from our transport over the period 2018 - 2020 (in particular by banning air transport for our finished products and by reorganizing the routes and filling of our trucks ).

DIGITAL (4% of our emissions)

📉 Reduction of the weight of our photos and videos on our e-commerce site, our social networks and our newsletters.

TRAVEL (2% of our emissions)

🇬🇧 Relocating our shoots to France and Belgium and traveling by train: we polluted 40 times less by taking the train rather than the car.


In order to continue to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we have implemented additional actions since the beginning of 2022:


🌿 Implementation of a new Eco-design strategy to reduce the impact of our products leaving the workshops.

♻️ Actions in favor of the repairability of our products


☀️ Raising awareness of our customers on climate issues.

🥇 Implementation of a responsible communication charter.


👖 Development of a materials warehouse for better transport and stock management of our raw materials.

📦 Work on optimizing the transport of our raw materials to our suppliers thanks to the FRET 21 system, carried by ADEME, which we have been using since 2018.


💻 Internal awareness on the use of digital devices.

♻️ Internal use of refurbished devices.


🏃 Implementation of an internal travel policy .

🚲 Implementation of sustainable mobility packages to compensate employees who use soft mobility such as cycling.


Did you know: the soil is the second carbon reservoir after the ocean! Obviously, changing our agricultural practices to create living soils means allowing us to effectively absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

TOGETHER our words turn into actions.

It is through a new TPR meeting that we invite our customers once a month to take part in our approach.

How ? By adopting the Engaged Creation of the month , they support our approach towards carbon neutrality through a concrete project. 10% of its sales will be donated to the company with a mission TerraTerre to support the conversion to organic farming of Jean-François' farm in Villeneuve-d'Ascq.

Jean-François cultivates (among other things) flax, one of the most TPR (Always More Responsible) materials: one hectare of flax retains 3.7 tonnes of CO2 each year , its cultivation therefore makes it possible to absorb 250,000 tonnes in France. every year !


* from the reports published by ADEME, the reports published by large companies (CAC40, SBF120 and NASDAQ in particular), as well as all the carbon reports produced by Carbo .

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