What if back to school was accompanied by an exotic touch? This month, we are proud to partner with Maison Baluchon to offer you a collection that combines know-how and escape... Chrysoline (Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Balzac Paris), Nathalie and Toma (Founders of Maison Baluchon), share with us behind the scenes of this collaboration: How did this new collaboration come about? Chrysoline, Artistic Director at Balzac Paris: I have been following the Maison Baluchon adventure since its beginnings, I am very sensitive to their universe and the delicacy of their designs. Their strong DNA and their identity seduced me, I met Nathalie at a show and we had discussed a collaboration, the idea germinated in our minds until it gave birth to this clever mix of cult Balzac Paris pieces mixed with this print imagined by the Maison Baluchon team. Nathalie/Toma, Founders of Maison Baluchon: When Balzac Paris suggested imagining pieces together, we were seduced by the idea. Our brand is used to being present in “physical” stores. Participating in a range of ready-to-wear is a first for us. What do your two houses have in common? Chrysoline : Nathalie and Toma are attached to their roots and the know-how of their craftsmen, these are values ​​that are close to our hearts at Balzac Paris. Sensitive to beautiful things, beautiful prints but also to literature, bringing our two houses together was a real pleasure! Nathalie/Toma: Yes, telling a story tinged with literature seemed obvious to us! And the additional points? Chrysoline : Print is an integral part of Maison Baluchon's DNA, these illustrations are very representative of the brand. In addition to their exceptional accessories, Maison Baluchon offers a range around publishing, wallpaper and decoration which has enabled us to expand our collaboration. Nathalie/Toma: We were impressed by the energy, desire and style inspired by Balzac Paris. Chrysoline's gaze always right on the garment and its wear. Print is at the heart of this collection. What were your inspirations? Chrysoline : This motif of lush flora and wild animals, all in shades of blue/black, gives style and elegance to our cult Balzac Paris pieces! Nathalie and Toma will talk about their inspirations better than me! Nathalie/Toma: We first imagined a story around a universe and a central character: AVA. Heroine of the novel of her life located at the end of the 19th century, she embodies both elegance and independence. Our design focused on the symbol. The work of colors and vegetation evokes refinement, panthers and Lynx then come to occupy the space as they please. The way this woman leads her life... Your best memory during this project? Chrysoline : An informal meeting at the local restaurant! Talk about the dream collaboration but above all get to know each other Nathalie/Toma: Indeed, this meeting at the “corner restaurant”. Another moving moment during the photoshoot where we see in a certain way the character come to life. The piece that you will not leave this season among the collection? Chrysoline : Without hesitation the pants that I have already worn all summer! Nathalie/Toma: We fell in love with the suitcase, which for us represents an iconic piece of our brand. Always a joy to see it come out of our workshops. To wear it would be the Sally skirt! Your secret to escaping to Paris? A music, an address… Chrysoline: Leaving Paris to come back and love it! » Toma or Nathalie: A song..."Les Gauloises bleues" by Yves Simon. In particular, he talks about Paris in his own way... Funny, during the shooting for our collaboration we met him on the Quays. We don't miss an opportunity to meet you: come and discover the collection and share behind the scenes of this collaboration on September 18 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the "Sunday in Soho" café in Paris . On this occasion, Nathalie, founder of Maison Baluchon will join Chrysoline, Artistic Director of Balzac Paris to present the collection to you. Pieces from the collaboration will go live on September 16. For the most impatient, go to the lookbook to discover the pieces in preview!