"It's about love. Here we make sure to select beautiful and good products, of quality and respectful of the environment and society." Let's say that this leitmotif and our love for literature made me want to knock on the door of La petite papeterie française . Sylvie, at the head of this cheerful stationery, has a taste for beautiful things and writing. This is how we thought of getting together for the Balzac Paris boom.

lapetitepapeteriefrancaise This evening, take the time to settle in our writing workshop, carefully choose beautiful paper and other appropriate ink to write to the person you love, your childhood friend, your mom or your brother, sister... simple words: how are you? Rain or shine: take the time! Nothing is too good to write. Finding the time to write is a luxury? Not this evening ! Sylvie has brought together her most beautiful stationery so that you will be won over! Finally, the ultimate argument remains to imagine the enchanted parenthesis that you offer your correspondent by having given him your time. See you tonight ! Chrysoline,