Balzac Paris x Henriette h is the story of a lovely encounter. There is rumor of a collaboration between these two universes... The sounds of the corridors are going well and are confirmed against a background of embroidered literary panties that take up our couples of famous authors that you love so much and who have already caught your eye on our sweatshirts . From the sweetness of Henriette h mixed with our literary references was born this "coolab" which enchants us and will be available at the beginning of November on our Balzac Paris website. Balzac Paris x Henriette h is refined, delicately embroidered, slightly retro panties. You will wear these references to our couples of famous French authors wonderfully. So find out who is the pretty and joyful Sarah, creator of Henriette h. But also, in preview, because we like to spoil you and make you our privileged: the literary panties Balzac Paris x Henriette h...

Sarah, your world is sweet and poetic. Can we say that Henriette h reflects your personality? If so, can you tell us a bit more about your happy person?

Thank you for this nice description! I believe that Henriette's universe necessarily reflects my personality to some extent. At least a part. I leave a lot of room for reverie in my life and I try daily to live things with poetry. But what brings Henriette and me together the most is that we are two great lovers!

Atelier Henriette h

We are crazy about your embroidered panties! Can you tell us the story of a lover's panties?

It started by chance, with my lover, I made myself one just for him! And it was he who gave me the idea. It goes well with Henriette, this lover who wanted to keep the men hanging around her neck through her necklaces... She found another way to keep her lovers against her!

If Henriette h existed (perhaps she exists) what would she be like?

She more or less existed... This character was inspired by my lover's aunt. I have her portrait painted by Gruaux in my living room and every time I look at her I am transported! My Henriette, I imagine her beautiful and whimsical between Loulou de lacliff and Romy Schneider... Today she could be Inès de la Fressange! She is a Parisian, a coquette, a woman in love and deeply free! What we are all a little bit in our own way finally... Isn't it?

Atelier Henriette hAtelier Henriette hAtelier Henriette h

How would you define your style?

I compose to the simplest! It all starts with my famous Stan Smith sneakers. Which I have been wearing for 15 years! I prefer comfort because I am a mother and beautiful materials because I love beautiful fabrics and beautiful cuts! I would say that I always try to be more or less presentable because I hate negligee! I like navy blue, knits and clothes that are a little too big for me! Which isn't difficult since I'm tiny!

I believe you love decoration (your workshop speaks for itself) what is your trick for feeling at home?

Ask my lover for advice! Before him, I put the furniture askew and I didn't understand anything about decorating. Now I'm addicted! At home, I need that wherever my eye lands, it's beautiful! As we don't always have beauty to put everywhere, it is better to leave the empty space and the imagination to do the rest! That's why I love white walls so much! Marion Graux, one of my very close friends, tells me that her lunch does not have the same flavor depending on the dishes in which she takes it. It's exactly that! We must put awareness and attention in everyday objects because they are what make life more beautiful!

Marion GrauxAtelier Henriette hAtelier Henriette hAtelier Henriette h

Balzac Paris x H enriette h without revealing too much about our lovely collaboration can you tell us what this association means to you?

The encounter between literature and love! Between two refined worlds passionately animated by young dreamers! It's a bit of a no-brainer! Henriette H is my fashion heroine, but she could be a novel heroine! And who knows maybe one day I'll write him one! I am very happy with our meeting, it gives another dimension to my story with Henriette and I feel like a fish in water surrounded by your literary references!

Balzac Paris x Henriette h: Literary panties

Balzac Paris x Henriette h literary briefs - Available in early November

What place should you absolutely not miss in Paris?

Paris! Above all, we must not miss Paris! All of Paris! My favorite place? Maybe the gardens and the bridges... What I prefer in Paris is crossing the evening along the quays, or in the heat of the afternoon on a scooter!

Sarah, I know you like to read. Can you tell us which book you absolutely must read?

"Clair de femme" by Romain Gary! And "The promise of dawn" All Romain Gary in fact!

Can't get enough of...?

Read precisely! And laugh! Sleep! Dream! Treat myself! See the sky! My Stan Smiths... But the best days will always be those when my daughter Louise and my lover are by my side!

And finally, what is your leitmotif?

Love and freedom! Banal but so true! And besides, the two sets go very well together! And improve, I try every day to do it a little! And it works... Little by little I am becoming popular! If you had known me 10 years ago!

Thank you Sarah!