BLOG I'm not sure you need us to occupy your 10 fingers during these three days, but selfless as we are, we didn't want to let you start this long weekend without our good ideas! (Ankles? okay, thanks!) Oh, I know you are resourceful but for those who haven't followed, each of the images corresponds to an idea. (No kidding? I know, I tend to infantilize...) 1. Why not go to a restaurant? Lazy to cook, Mister doesn't seem decided either (has he already been?)... We give you an address not to be missed: CRU , Victorien & I went there and we had a great time. The little extra, the kindness of the servers. Oh yes! We from Lille have always been surprised when people are nice to us in restaurants in Paris. 2. I spend hours on the web, Victorien says that online shopping is a scourge... I have no idea what he is talking about. Happy Home is one of those shops on which I spend time and very often I crack, I let you see for yourself the joyful selection made by an adorable couple. These three days seem like an excellent excuse to shop online. 3. Parisian friends, I invite you to take a look here: I named Christophe Michalak and his masterclass - 60 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris . Do I really have to present it? And if the air of nothing I tell you that last time we cut the bib, I seem to fart? Well, this is my blog after all. 4. It seems important to me that this weekend, with the exception of our very annoying southern friends, we meditate on this definition - PLUVIOPHILE: (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. 5. Buy yourself flowers, take care of them and if you are asked if Mister gave them to you, answer yes and that it is not uncommon, it will give him ideas. 6. It was my sister who told me about this site (practical to have 4 sisters), it seems that boredom is the 2nd cause of breakup in a couple. That's why the site offers an idea every day to spice up your love life and surprise Raoul. Wouldn't this three-day weekend come on time? 7. Andy, tell me yes! "Invite your girlfriends, your family, your witnesses, your fiancé or your sweetheart and go meet Andy so that D-day never scares you again." And you know the good news? It's this weekend! 8. If online shopping is a scourge according to Victorien, in my opinion Pinterest is a new addiction. So this weekend we follow each other, you follow me... And pinning becomes a familiar gesture. 9. Take the time to read a book! I love to read, I read everything, sometimes nothing, but recently Victoire lent me a book that I read in 24 hours so much I liked this woman and her story. I would have liked to talk about it longer but I don't have time. I have pasta on the stove and I'll let you make up your own mind: Happy people read and drink coffee . It only remains for us to wish you a good weekend dear all, Charles, Victorian & Chrysoline