Made from plastic bottles or industrial production scraps , it produces 32% less CO2 than conventional polyester and requires much less water than the latter. You can find it in our Adriatic skirt ( GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and OEKO-TEX® certified) or in the mesh of our white Fedor sneakers (made from plastic bottles). Another detail: our buttons are often also made of recycled polyester, like on our Clarité babydoll or our Flot shirt !

On the images: white Fédor askets , Adriatic skirt , and Clareté babydoll

PS: Last February, we also imagined a collection of 100% eco-responsible bridal outfits ! Among them, a dress , a skirt and two blouses in 100% recycled polyester certified OEKO-TEX®.

On the images: Skirt N°3 , Dress N°2 and Blouse N°4 .


Another recycled polyester, but special since this fiber imagined by a Spanish company even has its own little name! Seaqual™ is a polyester made from plastic waste collected in the oceans: to date, it has cleaned up 600 tonnes of waste ! You can find it in our Pénélope t-shirt ( 50% organic cotton, 50% Seaqual™) or our Flamboyant blouse ( OEKO-TEX® certified ) .

On the pictures: white Pénélope t-shirt , orange Pénélope t-shirt , and Flamboyant e blouse .


Made from nylon waste , Q-NOVA® fiber saves 25 liters of oil and 159 liters of water compared to virgin nylon! And big advantage: it is as robust as virgin fiber. At Balzac Paris, our tights are made from 95% OEKO-TEX® certified recycled polyamide.


It is made from offcuts from our Spanish tannery that are recovered, ground and mixed with a natural latex. It considerably reduces the CO2 emissions linked to the production of virgin leather. You can find recycled leather fiber in our Aimie belt (camel and burgundy version) or our Ziggy purses (camel and burgundy version).

On the images: burgundy Aimie belt , camel Ziggy coin purse , camel and burgundy Ziggy coin purse .


It takes 11,000 liters of water to produce 1 kilo of cotton : recycling cotton can sometimes reduce water consumption by up to 98% , and uses no pesticides ! You can find recycled cotton in the composition of our pink striped Liberty shirt or our pink striped Sally skirt , made from organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled polyester, OEKO-TEX® certified.

In the pictures: Liberty striped shirt , Sally striped skirt .


It looks like leather, and yet, this material is very vegan ! It is made from industrial apple waste (fruit juice industry), mixed with recycled/GRS certified polyester and water-based polyurethane. Our Jimmy jackets and our new black vegan Caesar bag are made of recycled apple skin!

On the images: Jimmy jacket and black vegan Cesar bag .