A well-made, honest and intelligent garment is a garment designed and made with care in our Parisian workshop. The taste for quality work with a fabric selected with the greatest attention with the aim that this garment lasts over time and becomes an essential part of your locker room. Far from disposable fashion, Balzac Paris gives priority to the details that make the difference! It is in this perspective of a garment that lasts that Balzac Paris and AEG have teamed up, one creating quality clothes that are basics in your locker room and the other allowing you to take care of them while respecting the environment. No more fast fashion and pieces thrown away long before they should! AEG has launched the CARE LABEL PROJECT. Its objective is to clarify laundry care instructions to allow you to machine wash your delicate textiles, your woollens and keep your clothes longer. From today is slipped into your orders a Manifesto written with four hands, we offer you with this one to maintain your clothes in the most suitable way to continue to wear our creations wash after wash. So that you can best pamper your wardrobe, we are offering you, in partnership with AEG from May 14 to July 31 , a sublime washing machine and a Balzac Paris voucher worth 150 euros . First , go to Instagram to try your luck at winning this sublime prize until May 31: right here ! Three gold coupons will then be slipped into your orders until July 31 to win these gifts. So be careful when you receive your Balzac Paris order! You may be one of the three lucky winners who will win their AEG machine as well as a 150 euro voucher at Balzac Paris. Read the rules Good luck!