Self-taught but above all talented, Elodie Bruno is the guest of Balzac Paris in November with her Jagger boots, the brand's iconic model. This Parisian brand plays with yesterday's emotions and breathes new life into them: we could only love! I've had a crush on her creations for a while now: the right balance between chic, timeless and originality! Élodie can pride herself on having made a classic model, the boots, a model of her own, recognizable among many others! Self-taught, her story begins with the rhythm of our childhood which she rediscovers at Decathlon and which she imagines declining: her brand is born! Élodie revisits her classics and pays natural attention to freedom of movement under elegant and supple fine lines. "From the cobblestones of the great capitals to the wildest regions, discovery is reserved for those who appreciate each grain of sand along their route." The Élodie Bruno brand adopts these principles to which we are particularly sensitive at Balzac Paris! Thus in November Élodie Bruno is the guest of Balzac Paris with her cult model named JAGGER. Three endlessly declinable colors that go wonderfully with our Balzac Paris creations! Elodie Bruno x Balzac Paris: the adventure has only just begun! BALZAC-PARIS16190 Boots Jagger Pacific ITW Elodie Bruno The habit does not make the monk but... "Another poetic and not necessarily universal phrase in practice that I like: "the form is the bottom that is flush" - Victor Hugo" Your chic icon "Right away no one comes to mind in particular, apart from Serge Gainsbourg, who embodies sartorial chic: free and fair. Chic is a fair expression of oneself in complete freedom. Many personalities, famous or not, embody this accuracy, Ines de la Fressange, Vanessa Paradis, Maiwen, their choice of dress does not hide them, it is at the service of their personality, not the other way around!" Your fashion postscript "Be real not perfect" An object "A candle, lit of course!" A book "Gypsy by Jan Yoors, my last literary escape." A quote "Wisdom is having dreams big enough not to lose sight of them while pursuing them" - Oscar Wilde Élodie Bruno x Balzac paris in a few words? "A simple, fluid and obvious meeting, as I like them! A desire to unite our two creative worlds, to see what they could tell together." BALZAC PARIS15741 Boots Jagger Middle Brown *Find the three JACKER models online this Sunday, November 27 with our new arrivals.