1 - An eco-designed dress you will wear

Your wedding dress, a priori, you will not wear it every day. So with unique outfit, unique requirements!

What if it was designed near you? Many lace workshops are still active in France. For our “La Joie de Vivre” wedding collection, ours comes straight from a workshop in the north of France! And regarding the overall design of the dresses, we worked hand in hand with a Portuguese workshop.

But that's not all ! Today there are many TPR (Always More Responsible) innovations in the textile sector. Take a look at the composition of your dress : organic cotton (GOTS certified), reduces its impact on global warming by 46% compared to traditional cotton. Naia , a biodegradable material, or Sorona®, a biosourced polyester from corn glucose , produces 60% less CO2 than conventional polyester.

To discover our collection of eco-designed wedding dresses, go here.

2 - A seasonal bouquet you will brandish

Did you know ? It is estimated that around 85% of the cut flowers sold in France come from... elsewhere! However, we have more than 3,600 horticulturists and nurserymen working in France. This is an opportunity to honor them... and to throw them flowers!

Choose florists who work with local and seasonal flowers. In particular, there is the “Fleurs de France” label, which favors local cultivation, or the “Plante bleue” label, which guarantees growing conditions that comply with the Grenelle environment charter. 

Dried flowers, which are unlikely to wither, are also an alternative: you can offer your guests to take them with them after the ceremony!

3 - A creation of sustainable fine jewelry you will wear

The figures speak for themselves: a gold ring alone produces 20 tonnes of toxic waste and consumes around 50,000 liters of water! Our little finger tells us that all this is not very TPR (Always More Responsible)...

Even if it is not yet very popular in this sector, there are nevertheless ethical and sustainable jewelers! Fair-trade gold labeled Fairmined, traceability of stones, cultured diamonds… It is now possible to wear a pretty piece of jewelery while taking care of natural resources.

4 - A strategic reception location you will choose

If we had to sum up the idea: the less it is far, the healthier it is! A Paris-Marseille by car is 92 kg of CO2.

When you move a hundred people for a weekend, the ideal would be not to make them cross the whole hexagon there and back... You can first choose a place close to a maximum of people . And often, it's where you live, so you might as well highlight your region!

Otherwise, do not hesitate to favor train transport or carpooling. If the service providers are local, and the guests can stay on site: you win the TPR (Always More Responsible) medal!

5 - A sustainable stationery you will select

Producing a sheet of A4 paper consumes an average of 5 liters of water. First and foremost, eco-responsible printing is what we don't produce: only print what really needs to be printed!

Beyond the traditional invitation, for example, do we really need a menu on each table? Hop, we twist that with large catering tables written in chalk. For the most digital, using a QR code to view the menu on your phone is an original… and sustainable alternative!

At the printer, many solutions and indicators allow you to make TPR (Always More Responsible) choices. : recycled or seeded papers, vegetable-based inks, Imprim'Vert or FSC labels, etc.

6 - A committed caterer you will choose

Farewell to the Bavarian mango-passion fruit (even if it's very good): choose committed service providers who offer menus featuring local, fresh and seasonal products.

Because yes: when you reduce the import of products, you limit greenhouse gas emissions due to transport! To go further, you can also choose a service provider that favors organic, or choose a partly vegetarian menu.

Ditto for wine: today there are many wine merchants who offer organic, biodynamic, natural or even vegan wines, and which include a certain number of great wines!

7 - A sustainable decoration you will install

Nothing is lost, everything is… rented? Yes, the TPR decoration (Always More Responsible) is above all the one that we do not produce. Some rental providers only hunt for second-hand: even better! A sustainable decoration… and unique.

The classic “nothing is lost, everything is transformed” works too! For the most Picasso among you, this is an opportunity to embark on recycling, upcycling and other sustainable Do It Yourself.

Psst, we can also forget some “disposable” decorative ideas: in the photos, it may be nice, but it is not for the planet! So this year, we put aside the release of balloons and glasses in the shape of a bowler hat…

8 - Local gifts to your guests you will offer

This day must remain engraved in the memories: what memory will your guests be able to take away?

We had mentioned dried flowers, but in general, it is an opportunity to discover the work of a local and committed craftsman: vegetable candles, jars of honey or jam from local producers, artisanal soap bar...

At TPR wedding (Always More Responsible), TPR souvenir!

9 - A honeymoon not far from here you will do

Tahiti, the Seychelles, the Fiji Islands, does that make you dream? However, under the cobblestones, the beach… has a hell of a carbon footprint.

What if your honeymoon was made in Europe? You dreamed of a paradise island like Bali: Corsica or the Greek islands are waiting for you! You imagined a visit to the Grand Canyon: heading for the Colorado Provençal, its mini version full of charm. The landscapes of the Philippines caught your eye: head for the Gorges du Verdon. The list of European landscapes that transport you to the other side of the world is very long!

Pssst: if you feel like cocooning without packing your bags to experience this romantic moment, an attractive option is to book a relaxing stay in a Spa not far from your home!

10 - The “Less is More” you will advocate!

“Did we really need to hand out sequin boater hats to guests?” : no not necessarily.

What if Love with a capital A rhymed with the Essential with a capital E? Say goodbye to overly sophisticated weddings, the key word for a TPR (Always More Responsible) wedding is above all… simplicity!