We love its elegance which emphasizes feminine curves, its retro look which stimulates the imagination and the subtlety of its contours. If the mid-length skirt – called midi – has long been considered an outdated style, today it has become the vintage piece of our wardrobe.

The mid-length skirt, a complex and daring outfit

Emblematic of the fifties, the midi skirt was forgotten before finding a privileged place in women's wardrobes. Made to reach mid-calf, the mid-length skirt has a straight or flared shape. Due to its cut, it is not always easy to assume at first glance, but it goes easily with simple pieces such as a white T-shirt and sneakers to give it a more casual style. For a harmonious outfit, we work above all on the line of the look. The mid-length skirt is generally worn quite high in order to mark the waist. We then play on the volumes, we pay particular attention to the shoes and we choose our accessories carefully to create a slender silhouette. On a flared shape; we prefer a sweater fitted with chunky knits in winter or a close-fitting top in summer. With a straight skirt, we love a blouse or a loose sweatshirt that will soften the line. For a sublimated curve, opt for a pretty pair of heels or wedge sandals, rather than strappy shoes. The most daring will dare white sneakers or sequined derbies and bring a touch of modernity to the outfit.

The retro piece of our dressing room

Glamorous and sophisticated, the mid-length skirt is a deliciously retro piece. Mix it with a printed top for an arty feel or a fitted blouse slipped into the skirt for a chic look. It goes easily with many everyday pieces: shirt, sweater, T-shirt. Thus, we hunt for a pleated shape that we adjust with a plain top and a denim jacket, we wear a ruffled blouse with bare shoulders for a bohemian style on a more flared skirt and we dare a blouse and pointed pumps for a total 50's look. To give pep to an outfit that is sometimes a little tame, the trick is to combine it with more contemporary pieces. We're rock with a well-tailored perfecto, fashionable with a denim shirt or irresistible with a camisole. Finally, we play with the accessories for a perfect outfit. We love a raffia tote bag for a bohemian look and soak up the sixties atmosphere with a scarf tied in our hair. The mid-length skirt is a feminine piece that adapts to all body types as long as you know how to accessorize it with relevance and fantasy. Sometimes vintage, sometimes modern; she was able to find her place in the world of fashion. Pledge of a thoughtful and sophisticated style, it ensures a slender silhouette to those who dare to wear it.