A TPR comeback
(Always More Responsible)

It's time to hum one last time “ On the abandoned beach, shells and crustaceans ”: ding dong, it's time to go back to school ! And at Balzac Paris, which says back to school, obviously says TPR wardrobe (Always More Responsible).

To give you a taste: this season, 99.5% of our raw materials are eco-responsible , 27% of our products are made from recycled materials , 100% of our sheep's wool guarantees animal welfare , 29 % of our sweaters and cardigans are made in France … Discover all our back-to-school commitments below!

An ethical & eco-responsible start of the school year

Autumn-winter will be TPR (Always More Responsible)! Our collections this season are made up of 99.5% eco-responsible raw materials , of which 82% are natural materials , including 70% vegetable and 30% animal origin .

organic or recycled cotton

of our organic cotton is certified: this means that the entire production chain is traced and that humans and nature are respected in the process

of our sheep's wool guarantees animal welfare

of our materials are artificial (from renewable resources, and 100% FSC certified since February 2019)

of our synthetic materials are entirely recycled or bio-sourced.

A circular return

Why extract virgin materials when they have already been produced? This winter 27% of our products contain recycled materials !

Our range of jeans always gives you such pretty buttocks and endless legs, but that's not all! It will also take a step further in eco-design this winter thanks to its unscrewable buttons (which facilitate recycling) and its 90% biosourced jacrons . Coming very soon! And our approach is always supported by the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation and its Jean Redesign program!

A European comeback

A little tour of Europe, anyone? Here we go: 89% of our references are made in the European Union, including 63% in Portugal , 9% in Bulgaria , 9% in Italy , 7% in France , 1% in Spain . 11% of our references are made in Tunisia in a GOTS workshop which has been evaluated as our best factory in terms of CSR !

And for the made in France, in 2020, we had set ourselves a target of 30 products made in France : we will finally have 45 ! And finally, an advance of which we are also very proud: 29% of our sweaters and cardigans are now made in France .

New solidarity sweatshirt Les Femmes

By wearing this sweatshirt, you donate €30 to the Women's Foundation to ensure their rights are respected. Because that's also what being Always More Responsible is about: supporting the audacity, power and creativity of the women of yesterday and today! Available September 5 .


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