Capucine, Elodie and Audrey tell us the story of their store, the WIP in Montreuil-sur-mer. Another crush on the place of our shooting for this concept store which puts creativity, quality, responsibility and conviviality in the spotlight.
  • Who are you ? Tell us about the store in a few words.
Audrey : "We are Capucine, Elodie and Audrey, creators of the WIP concept store. We relay the creations present on social networks and more particularly Instagram. It is also a showcase for self-entrepreneurs, creators who cannot not have a store. It was easy to set up a summary of what was missing in Montreuil for adults, children, school or leisure, decoration, gifts. In short, fun, chic, useful. Capucine : "The WIP is the opposite of mass distribution: - Small quantities - Short circuits - Discretion - Exceptional" Elodie : "The WIP offers a range of brands and designers whose range goes from decoration to groceries through pretty toys, the celebration of life events and the year."
  • 3 words to define the WIP?
Elodie : " Benevolence, Respect and Research ."
  • Why this name, the WIP?
Audrey : "The WIP acronym for Work In Progress: evolving, progressing, in progress." Capucine : " Why the WIP? because our profile is not static . What motivates us is project management, research, development, novelty, surpassing ourselves, fulfilling objectives, winning challenges.
The WIP is a concept-store, a family-store, a heterogeneous place where the common thread is conviviality (with the WIP-café and the WIP-juice), exchange, simplicity and respect". Audrey : "One of the themes that is close to our hearts is the promotion of local authors and specialized children's literature: texts accessible at all levels but also an orientation towards helping the "DYS".
  • Why did you settle in Montreuil sur mer? In what approach?
Elodie : "It's been our city for decades, we know it, we love it. It's different from other cities. Full of history, it's majestic while being discreet. That's why we feels good there. Montreuil sur mer is certainly a tourist destination. However, it is less so than the cities on the coast and in this it is more authentic, with a more authentic population: companies, workers, high school students, college students. It seemed more appropriate to address a clientele that is more loyal and closer to us than that of the surrounding seaside resorts."
  • What do we find here and nowhere else?
Capucine : "We offer assistance with gestures in school life and daily life." Elodie : "An unusual object? We also offer the Thamograph (gold medal at the 2013 Lépine competition).
  • Being eco-responsible, what does that mean to you? Do you subscribe to this process?
Audrey : "Being eco-responsible evokes a more responsible and more civic-minded management in our personal and professional actions."
  • If you had to give us an eco-responsible advice? What is your eco-responsible routine in the store?
Capucine : "Common sense is still the best advice. It would seem more appropriate to program the lighting of shop windows until 1 a.m. for example, then switch the lighting to a lower power without necessarily turning everything off. Our eco-responsible routine: - The WIP is furnished with furniture that we have found. - We sell Chilly's bottle brand water bottles to limit plastic bottles." Audrey : "We only print receipts at the express request of the customer after having questioned him."
  • Montreuil-sur-Mer in 3 words?
Audrey : "Rather five: history - gastronomy - peaceful - charming - discreet."