Charles set sail for Istanbul in July, he takes us with Capu to this happy city perfect for a romantic and cultural getaway: "Vic if you hear me"... July 14, the perfect excuse to get away for a few days. But which destination to choose? Barcelona, ​​Rome? No, we want something exotic: Marrakech? Hmmm already done ( see post below ). Asia? Too far… And why not Istanbul, shared between Asia and Europe? Banco, tickets purchased, we board. Selam, here we are in Istanbul. Armed with our guide and good tips from our friends, we are ready to discover all the facets of this city for 4 days. The program is loaded, culturally speaking Istanbul is very rich and the addresses that were recommended to us would allow us to stay for several months. Istanbul is very vast, nothing like a quick glance at the top of the Galata Tower to get an overview and decide our route. We can see countless mosques in the distance. Two of them call out to us: the Blue Mosque, very impressive from the outside, it is also beautiful from the inside thanks to the mosaics that adorn it, and the Hagia Sophia, a former Christian church which became a mosque in the 15th century. . DSC_0224DSC_0234DSC_0245DSC_0388 Istanbul offers magnificent sunsets, strolling along the Bosphorus at the end of the day is a real pleasure. For a drink, I recommend the Four Season, ideally located in the North of Istanbul on the European side, far from the bustle of Istanbul. This city can be appreciated from above, the rooftops are flourishing and each one more impressive than the other. 3 of them caught our attention: 360 Istanbul , having a drink there at the end of the day is very pleasant. The rooftop of Mama Shelter environment made very nice thanks to the decor of Philippe Stark and the DJ who punctuates the sunsets. To dine in height, I invite you to go to Leb-i derya . DSC_0290DSC_0430 Turkish food is to be discovered, the famous kebab is necessarily very present there as well as fish. But the "Meze" which are appetizers to share are simply delicious. If you have to do only one restaurant in Istanbul, I recommend the Lokanta Yeni : incredible. The must do in Istanbul are also the Topkapi park which offers an incredible view of the Bosphorus and magnificent buildings. Take a boat trip on the Bosphorus, it allows you to see Istanbul from all angles. The stroll in the souk is also worth the detour. If you want to bring gifts, you will necessarily find what you are looking for. DSC_0325DSC_0359DSC_0475DSC_0283 We fell in love with this fascinating city. The city is full of ancient monuments, history is omnipresent for this former "capital of the world". Traditions are very present and the food delicious... In short, don't hesitate any longer: book now! See you soon, Charles.