Hortense Laurent is a yoga teacher. She now practices in a magical place that she unearthed somewhat by chance in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and of which she has renovated every corner. Had she planned to move towards this environment? Absolutely not ! We let you discover it: ) Tell us about your background, how did you create your workshop La Canopée? La Canopée is the result of a personal journey that led to my professional retraining at the age of 25. It all started during an extraordinary trip to the Bolivian Amazon where I spent several days completely immersed in the heart of the jungle, listening to animals, encountering the virtues of plants and discovering a mysterious indigenous spiritual culture. This experience resonated with me in a completely unsuspected way and I began to find my way. At the same time, I continued to practice yoga again and again, a discipline I had discovered two years earlier. My practice took on a new dimension following a meditation stay in a large Buddhist monastery in Myanmar. Yoga then became more and more essential in everyday life. My professional retraining really began after an accident, a sign that a second life could begin. A few months later I announced to my family and my friends my decision to become a yoga teacher. What had been a crazy dream a few months earlier had become obvious. I then left for 6 months in Brazil to train and reconnect with the spirit of the jungle. Upon my return to France, I quickly felt the need to find my own place to teach yoga. I trusted my intuition, like an inner guide, which helped me find the studio, carry out the work and think about the layout. Naturally I renovated the former artist's studio to transform it into a Canopy: a soothing place, for yoga, well-being and creative expression. PS: (def.) the Canopy is the upper level of the forest (or jungle) that receives the most light and solar energy. Biodiversity is thus extremely rich, strong and diversified. What workshops do you offer? I offer regular yoga classes in different styles. Dynamic yoga such as Vinyasa for the desire to let off steam, more meditative yoga such as Hatha or Yin yoga and pure relaxation with yoga Nidra. I also teach children 's yoga - weekly classes start again in September! - and I organize parent-child workshops on weekends. At the start of the school year, I will offer one-off workshops on subjects related to well-being in society, responsible consumption, ecology and nutrition. In this context, I would like to associate myself with partners to enrich these workshops and diversify the richness of the content. Vernissages and exhibitions of photographic or other works in keeping with the notion of “green studio” will also be honored from the start of the next school year. Do you have a typical day? My typical day is built around the following axes: - I give my yoga classes, making sure to sing before each class to share the best possible energy . - I continue to train myself and enrich my yoga practice by discovering other teachings and techniques related to well-being, such as meditation or reiki. - I discuss with my partners to organize new workshops and offer new courses. - When I have time, I paint / I cook / I garden in my yard. - And of course I walk Manila, my little dog, in Montmartre and in the 9th arrondissement.
Your chic icon? Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. Your fashion postscript? The Brazilian swimsuit , even on French beaches. An object ? My mirrorless camera that follows me everywhere I travel. A book ? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A book that touched me a lot when I needed it. A quote ? “Impose your chance, squeeze your happiness and go to your risk. They'll get used to looking at you. Rene Char. Quoted by my father when I went to Brazil to train in yoga.
Schedules adjusted for June - July: Monday: 8 p.m. - dynamic yoga Tuesday: 7 p.m. - gentle and relaxing yoga Wednesday: 8:15 a.m. - energizing yoga Other time slots to come and specific well-being, yoga, lifestyle workshops at the start of the school year! To register , 3 possibilities: - on Instagram by commenting on the posts concerned - by email hortense@atelierlacanopee.com - by text at 07 82 73 97 00