It was while strolling through our pretty neighborhood that Team Balzac Paris fell in love with Laurent Favre-Mot's pastries. This talented 43-year-old man with a well-trimmed beard takes us into his world with every bite. A delicious universe, of course, but above all in all simplicity and without pretense. He laughs: “Pastry is chemistry. That's what's funny. »

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How did the desire for pastry come to you?

I attacked at the age of 13! Then I climbed the ladder on my own, like a grown-up, I was a chef. At some point, I realized that in the kitchen, you could always catch up with a dish, there is always a way to add a little butter, a little cream, to do a little magic. That's why I think I've gotten around the subject. I was able to work in Milan, England, all over the place. I needed something a little more pointed, a little more precise and I naturally came to pastry. In pastry, if you miss, you throw away! We have almost no room for error.

Can you tell us about your baking style?

Me, it's the "desugared" dough! It's a priority I've had for years. Then, it's simply respect for the season. I have no other requirements, I use the natural sugar of ripe fruit, which allows me to de-sweet my pastries.


Raspberry / Verbena

How did you come up with this idea of ​​desugaring your pastries? It's unusual for a pastry chef?

It's quite simple, what people don't know is that when I started my pastry career a dozen years ago, I was discovered by Printemps stores. They offered me a corner in one of the stores, then, very quickly, we had a lot of success. One of the directors, clever, told me: Printemps is a store that has an essentially female clientele, 85%. If I wanted to seduce these women, my offer had to change all the time, the window display was in perpetual motion. He also told me to try to work around the guilt i.e. leave out butter, milk, cream and flour because it was still cakes, but to try to work without the sugar. That's when I decided to de-sugar my pastries. This exercise I continued.

We are cut off in our exchanges by the smell emanating from the oven. A pure delight! Laurent goes to check the cooking of his pie shells in order to have a little head start for the next day . Each time you pass here, you will be immersed in this smell, Proust's madeleine for many of us; )

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Dark fucking chocolate Source: jesuisenretard

In some of your interviews, you say that fashion has inspired you a lot .

I was rocked in the world of fashion. Little by little, I found shapes, colors in certain brands that I liked to use.

Why did you decide to leave Marseille for Paris?

I was more often in Paris than in Marseille lately. I took part in or sponsored many shows, for example. Then, I was asked to do a gala dinner with Akrame Benallal so I also had to stay in Paris. Subsequently, I worked for M6 with Cyril Lignac. My wife finally pushed me to Paris, it was the easiest for our family.

In what state of mind are you when you make your pastries?

I stay myself ! Everything happens in my head. But I'm also lucky to have as a person who shares my life, a sommelier but not just any one. My companion won the prize for the best sommelier at 27, which means that I have one of the best palates in France at home, so it's a bit easy (laughs) . Finally, I'm not saying it's easy but it helps me a lot in my efforts.


Vanilla tart Source: Le grumeau

You were giving pastry lessons in Marseille, is it likely to take over in Paris or is it on hiatus?

Unfortunately, I don't have the logistics and I don't have the space. I was also a teacher in different schools in Marseille but it was the same thing, I was forced to give up. For the moment, I cannot tell you if I will be able to give lessons. This will depend on the content of two big projects that are taking shape in Paris. If the projects come to fruition, I won't have time to do it.

Your three favorite addresses in Paris?

First of all, there is the restaurant Au Passage , I go there at least once a week. Then there is the Triumph motorcycle in Bastille which is nice. Finally, I go to Merci from time to time. The place is superb.

Want to know a little more like us? ; )

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Plain Madeleine with bergamot glaze

What is your dream of happiness?

It's not easy to answer that, I'm happy with what I have! I have the chance to live from my passion, with my partner we have three daughters who are in good health. In terms of work, I do a bit as I want, the people who work with me are nice. I think I'm one of the privileged ones.

What is your favorite color, the one you want to put on all your pastries?

The gray and the pink.

The person you admire the most?

My companion! She has the courage to follow me and I think it takes a lot; )

What do you appreciate most about your friends?

Honesty and candor. If they want to say "shit" or "stop" to me, I prefer that they tell me sincerely. I don't have many friends in the culinary field despite the fact that I know a lot of people because I don't want to, I live in the kitchen, so in the evening I don't want to talk about cooking yet, otherwise I saturate.

Your currency ?

Stay yourself ! No need to invent a role or a character. That's why my pastries are so simple. I don't want to make a false promise like my dome with two kinds of vanilla. I want my pastries to be like me, without artifice.

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Thank you Laurent Favre-Mot for taking the time to answer us!