New appointment, the meeting with the members of our Team. Over the weeks you will discover who is behind your products, your email exchanges, the site... We hope you like the idea! Above all, if you have any questions for us, do not hesitate to send them to us at : ) Marie-Camille, the very first arrival at Balzac Paris, is our stylist. After a year and a half with us, it's almost an old one; ) Our MC is the little office clown, always smiling and playful! You met her during the Boum Balzac Paris, here is her interview to get to know her better and take a look at her favorite outfits from the collection. 823A0547-12

Red Olympe sweater , gray Voltaire (FW15 collection)

Who are you, what are you doing at Balzac Paris? I am Marie Camille Goutteratel, PAP stylist at Balzac Paris for over a year and a half! A typical day ? There isn't really a typical day, the days are punctuated by the progress of the collection, most of the time I arrive earlier to be able to fully concentrate before everyone arrives; ) I answer emails, model, design new clothes for sales in the coming months, select fabrics… My days are very varied! None are alike and I do not see them pass! What inspires you to create pieces? A bit of everything, I hang out a lot on Pinterest and Instagram. I am also inspired by the outfits of people I meet in the street... What do you prefer to create? Definitely dresses and blouses! Happy times of the day? The little morning coffee break when we chat and especially the lunch break I am a big gourmet: D

Double picture Rosanna navy dress, Victor leopard ballet flats - Pink top, Voltaire with polka dots , Simone brownie

What are you nicknamed in the team? I have several “MC” nicknames and others that I keep secret! Parisian forever? Not Burgundian at heart! Parisian for 4 years, I love living there so much. Balzac Paris immerses us in literature, what are your classics? Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice <3 I could read it again and again. More recent: Joel Dicker, The Truth About the Harry Québert Affair and The Baltimore House. Your 3 favorites at Balzac Paris? Lola shirt : timeless, chic but casual at the same time, perfect shirt Jean Voltaire : favorite jeans, so comfortable with the ideal fit Duras sandals : I'm not very into heels, I love looking at them but not wearing them… However, I fell in love with the red Duras that I wear every time I go out. Your must-sees in Paris?
  • Le Pop Up du Label : to spend a good evening with friends, drink cocktails or wine with a plate of charcuterie, make faces in the photo booth in the basement, let off steam on the dancefloor, there is no better place
  • Galliera Museum : I love going there, there are always very interesting fashion exhibitions and the place is magnificent
  • Walk near the Eiffel Tower on the quays in summer and watch tourists marvel at this great iron lady. I love walking and people watching.
And in life? Enjoying life, savoring the good times with friends and family. Eat well, drink well. I'm a good living hehe

Outside (Alex) Bel ami blouse, khaki Voltaire jeans

Future trips planned? A weekend in Copenhagen and a short trip to Southern Italy Dolce Vita style. Your current playlist? Three songs I listen to on repeat: Thank you Marie-Camille, see you soon for the rest of the portraits! Photos Anne-Sophie - Thanks to the Pain Quotidien team at Rue des Martyrs for their welcome!