We went there gropingly: fifty sweatshirts for you ladies , fifty sweatshirts for you gentlemen ... You gave us a thunderous welcome: you liked the literary sweatshirt and its flagship couples from our French literature . What a pleasure for Charles, Victorien & me to know that the story we wanted to tell you spoke to you, we could not have started the year better: you have given us heart balm for the continuation of the Balzac Paris adventure. . We wish, as I have already told you, to sell our creations during event sales, with limited edition products for the pleasure of having "this" garment that not everyone has! Many of you have asked us if our sweatshirts would be reissued and because we can't leave you without your literary sweatshirt, we are thinking of making a small series of our sweatshirts at the next Balzac Paris event sale. There will therefore be a few navy blue sweatshirts embroidered with gold thread, but we also have a few surprises in store for you around this literary sweatshirt that you loved so much. While waiting to discover our new products on which we are working with a lot of energy, I invite you to discover or rediscover the looks that we had created around our literary sweatshirts on Prune & Grégoire. If you have any questions, as you know, I'm here to answer you! See you soon ! Chrysoline, greg blue shirtplum silver shorts